After just one year: Tennessee Titans released Julio Jones

The Julio-Jones experiment in Tennessee is finished after just one year: the Titans, who had only recovered for the Star Receiver last June, dismissed Jones to start the new League Year.

The Titans had sent a two-round pick 2022 in the previous year and a four-round pick 2023 to Atlanta, in return came Julio Jones and a six-round pick last summer to Tennessee.

However, Jones had never been in the roles at the Titans: he kept injury again and again, in the end he signed only 37 catches for 496 yards and a touchdown. In just one game, he came across the brand of 70 Receiving yards, two of the Seahawks in the week.

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Releasing Julio Jones after 1 year puts the Titans front office on red alert this offseason ????

Jones comes to the receiver market and could be an option for the San Francisco 49er who could use an outside receiver and whose Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Jones knows well from Atlanta. However, it can be assumed that Jones must settle with a short-term, favorable contract. The New England Patriots also apply as potential customers.

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