Ex-Patriots star J.C. Jackson changes to the chargers

The best cornerback on the market has expected to find a new team on the first day of the Free Agency: J.C. Jackson leaves the New England Patriots and moves to the Los Angeles Chargers.

According to matching reports, Jackson will receive a five-year contract from the Chargers, which may be worth up to $ 85 million. Of these, 40 million are guaranteed.

The estimates at Jackson, who had not received a new contract from the Patriots and also no franchise day, in the run-up to the FREE AGENCY had a good deal about it; The speech was 20 million dollars per year from a deal.

Thus, Jackson had competed with Jalen Ramsey, who currently holds the most expensive Cornerback contract in the NFL. Instead, he ranks with an average annual salary of $ 16.5 million on the sixth place among all Cornerbacks, the same place he occupies in terms of warranties.

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Report: J.C. Jackson leaving Patriots | Chargers expected to sign Jackson to a 5-year, $82.5M deal

These numbers confirm some rumors in the course of the Free Agency start-up, according to which Jackson’s market should not have been as strong as in advance. The chargers, who had previously provided with the trade for Khalil Mack for a stir on the defensive side of the ball, he now gives the number 1 Corner, where the remaining coverage can orientate.

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