Where to find an ice spider egg in Lost Ark

Ice Spider Egg – a well-protected cooking object in a lost ark. It is located in the area of ​​Lake Eternity on Continent Shushir. You can easily find an ice spider egg if you know where to look for, and you have a high chance to find a ice spider cocoon if you kill monsters in this area.

Where to find an ice spider egg in Shushire?

You need to go to the lair of the queen spiders to find frozen eggs. It can be found south of the camp of logging and to the west of the world boss Tarcila. You can find a frozen egg on Western side of the Logova Spider Queen . This is a blue egg covered with spider silk.

Frost Spider Egg Location - Shushire - Lost Ark
You can find this cooking object at the bottom of the egg. Make sure the path is free, as spiders that follow you here will not leave you alone until you die.

It may be unpleasant, because in the area that you need to explore, two spiders appear. We advise you to try to kill them both at the same time, as they appear very quickly.

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