Metroid Vania Action “Axiom Verge 2” STEAM version will be delivered on August 12, and Japanese correspondence

Developer’s Thomas HAPP Games announced on March 12, 2D action adventure game “AXIOM Verge 2″ PC (STEAM) version to deliver on August 11th. The time difference is distributed in Japan on August 12th. The PC version of this work was delivered prior to the EPIC Games store, but it was released even after just one year.

Axiom Verge 2 comes to Steam on August 11th

“Axiom Verge 2” is the sequel to the 2D action adventure game “Axiom Verge” released in 2015. The main character of this work is a millionaire women Indola, which led global large enterprise globe 3. She released to Antarctic to look for her daughter that she lost in her past. She then headed for a certain facility, she is led to a voice of someone, and she gets lost to a different world that is similar to the Earth where the ruins of the ancient high-tech civilization remain.

This work continues to play Metroid Vania style gameplay following the previous work. Players will extend new equipment and abilities while exploring a vast map, and further expands the search range. Among them, new actions are also available such as enemy character hacking and drone operations. In addition, there is also an element that consumes skill points and pulls up their physical strength and various capabilities. Then we will approach the different world that will be the stage and the person who will induce Indola, as it works to the enemies.

This work last year, PC version EPIC Games Store Time When Occupy delivery was announced, it was also attracting attention (related articles). At this announcement, developer Thomas Happ looks back on the time, and it was prepared to be exposed to a great criticism (like many other monopoly titles), but as a result, the best selection for itself and family I said that it was.

In addition, the game content of “Axiom Verge 2” itself is not something like adding new maps and QOL improvements to the previous work, and it is aimed at a different play sense, and if you call discussions It was thought that it would be a thing (I avoided the reference to a specific element to prevent neetabale to the fan to wait for the STEAM version). However, the community also supported the community for that direction, and the words of gratitude are described. In fact, this work is a PC (EPIC GAMES store) version and Nintendo Switch / PS4 version and Nintendo Switch / PS4 version earned highly highly evaluated to the previous work. Not only inheriting the fun of search as Metroid Vania was inherited from the previous work, but also some new mechanics were also evaluated.

“AXIOM VERGE 2” PC (STEAM) version is scheduled to be delivered on August 12 in Japan. The game also corresponds to Japanese language display.

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