“We can only stop ourselves”

On the 30th matchday of the 3rd league everything ran for the FC Kaiserslautern. Through its own resurrected 3: 0 victory against undertaking Havelse and the simultaneous defeat of the worst persecutor Braunschweig, the red devil now have four points ahead of the relegation rank. Philipp Hercher, who had a significant share of success with two templates and a goal, said after the final whistle then full-tired that the greatest opponent of the Palatine are now they are themselves. “We can only stop ourselves,” said the 25-year-old.

Von Spiel zu Spiel - mit Philipp Hercher
As a proof for its thesis, the start can be used against Havelse. The table two had problems. The TSV began brave and initially had the better opportunities. “It was complicated for us to come into the game,” said coach Marco Antwerp at “Magenta Sport” and gave: “We were not satisfied with the first half.”

Special Lob was from the coach for goalkeeper Matheo Raab, who stayed without conceding this season for the 15th time. “We had no luck at the Havelser opportunities behind, but a good goalkeeper performance,” Antwerp said.

I was unintentionally with his hand on the ball, I’m sorry too.

Philipp Hercher

In addition to the good goalkeeper performance, the FCC also had gambling tracks, such as Hercher’s template by hand in advance of the 1-0 by Terrence Boyd. “I was unintentionally with his hand on the ball, I’m sorry, too,” Hercher explained, who had apologized for the game for Patrick Ittrich referee; He had overlooked the hand game.

Rüdiger Ziehl, however, did not blame the referee: “The goal is annoying, but in the stadium, nobody has seen that it was a hand game,” emphasized the 44-year-old after the game. “In the end it was a deserved defeat,” summed up the coach of TSV Havelse.

So the red devils could make the “duty fulfill”, retract their 16th victory of the season and now measure themselves next Saturday (live! From 2 pm at TSV Havelse) at the Dreibsam with the second team of the SC Freiburg.

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