LOL – This will be the playoff of Superliga: All teams classified in the Epic End of Season

The Spanish competition of League of Legends came to the last day in one of the most exciting situations in its history. The five disputed matches served to decide the last places for the playoff of Superliga where he will determine the new champion. A second phase of just six teams that will have an identical number of matches and for which all the places have already been decided. He had been confirmed in the last weeks Barça Esports and FNATIC TQ , joining them koi , bisons eclub , movistar riders and g2 arctic .

This will be the upcoming playoffs of superliga

Superliga playoffs have changed from face to face this year 2022, so we will not face the usual table of simple qualifiers. The intention was to give it something more advantage to the first two classified in a regular phase , which will play a direct duel for being at the end before joining the bulk of participants in the tie. During this phase, in addition, all parties will be played at the best of five. We must have clear the following circumstances:

Movistar Riders VS Bisons Eclub - JORNADA 17 - SUPERLIGA - PRIMAVERA 2022 - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS
* two first classified (FNATIC TQ and Barça Esports) face in a direct duel for being in the final. The loser team goes directly to semifinals.
* Teams between the third and sixth square (KOI, BISONS ECLUB, Movistar Riders and G2 Arctic) dispute a simple removal chart that begins in semifinals. The winner of this painting is faced with the loser of the confrontation between the first two classified by the second place of the final.

Due to the tightest of the calendar with the beginning of the next European Masters, the Superliga will not take any break to rest a last historical day. The playoff will begin to be disputed on March 14 and will end on the 30th of this month with a final that will decide the new Spanish League of Legends Champion. The dates of the first round have been determined, and are the following…

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