Ex-national player Marvin Compper stays in Russia: “I like my job and feel safe”

The former Bundesliga professional and ex-national player Marvin COMPPER has explained why he has remained Despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to Dato at the Russian first division locomotive Moscow.

“We started in October 2021 to change something: we have a philosophy in the complete club, from the top to the bottom. I feel a responsibility: opposite the people who trust us,” said the 36 -year-old coach opposite the Sport picture.

According to COMPPER, in the capital club, “many foreigners operate, not only Russians. The people we have met here are people with good hearts and have nothing to do with politics”. He continued to lead: “The situation we find: There is a regulated, normal everyday life here.”

The former defender, however, does not completely exclude it completely to leave the highest right because of the political situation and says: “I like my job and feel safe: if that should change, we would rate the situation again. I look at the day to day “

According to COMPPER, the current situation is also felt at his employer, many people are therefore “depressed due to the situation, thoughtful and swept in.” But he summarizes: “We as a team and team try together to concentrate on our job and not let the group down.”

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After the former Bundesliga coach Markus Gisdol announced his head coach job at Lokomotive Moscow due to the dramatic political situation and left the club, co-trainer Marvin Compper took over the job at the captains.

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