Wow: “Locksmith” in Zereth Mortis

Even if you play Wow for years, you sometimes stand just like the OCH before the mountain. This can happen in the context of the campaign of WoW Patch 9.2 , among other things, during the quest “key service” in Zereth Mortis. Because even if the quest presents you clearly steps that you have to do to complete the task, frustration can happen quickly. The quest is not self-explanatory – and therefore we work remedy.

Key against symbols: Brings the runes in the right order

You will get the quest as part of the Campaign of Zereth Mortis, if you start the fourth chapter called “a new path”. After completing a total of 16 quests (including Furiose Flora), you will receive the follow-up task “Locksmith”. For this quest, you should restore the translocator key to the crease catalyst.

Source: symbols Speak with General Draven, so that he flies to you to the console. Source: symbols The Quest “Locksmith” includes a simple symbol tub. Source: symbols interacts with the console to start the symbol display. Source: symbols The control console contains the key you need. Source: symbols above the console appears the symbols that you need to activate. Source: symbols you have activated the symbols correctly, you get the key and gets the final quest of Chapter 4 of the campaign in Zereth Mortis.

To complete the task, you have to take the following steps:

  • Take the quest with General Draven and interacts with him again, so that he flies you to the platform with the creation catalyst.
  • Run into the middle of the room and interacts with the creation catalyst console, whereupon two key fragments and the oldest ARA appear.
  • Speak with ARA to start the activation of the symbols for the console.
  • Now the symbols that you have to activate directly above the console. As soon as a symbol appears, you run to its equivalent on the edge of the room and click it. However, you have to spoil you, because otherwise the symbol disappears over the console and you have to start over again.
  • Have you used all symbols correctly correctly, you go back to the console to collect the key.
  • Then speak again with ARA to complete the quest.

You see: The WoW key service is less heavy than he looks at first glance. We hope that our little guide helps you to successfully complete the quest and wish you a lot of fun with the rest of the Campaign of Zereth Mortis – and then hopefully in the Raid in the fight against the Chairman Zovaal.

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