NBA News – Kyrie Irving about James Harden: “I wish that things would have been better communicated”

Before the Brooklyn Nets on the night of Thursday are guests on Friday at the Philadelphia 76ers, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant told James Hardens Trade to Philadelphia and his farewell from Brooklyn.

“I thought we were on a good way, but everyone at the beginning of a season has his own vision in mind,” said Irving after the 132: 121 victory of the Nets against the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday. “Everyone has his own vision from the start and end of his career. If that’s what James wanted, then I respect his decision. We combine a great friendship, in the end it just did not work out. I wish that things would be better communicated had been. “

Irving also declared that he believes that Harden Schools some people at the Nets a detailed reasoning, which made in him and wished, the bearded would have communicated this better. Nevertheless, he does not hurt a grudge against his former teammates. “We are still in the same league and it’s not like we would like to see him differently and no longer meet in the offseason,” Kyrie added.

When asked if the Nets could have done a bit different to convince harden from a whereabouts at the Nets, Irving replied that he has no answer. “I think James could answer that better,” Irving said. “I came to that later and I was said different things. Then came the Trade Deadline and then at once everything was different. I have no answer to whether certain things could have done better or not.”

Harden has no precise reasons for his Nets departure, explained in his idea in Philadelphia, but that Irvings had a decision not to vaccinate effects on the team.

Kevin Durant: “Hope we leave the whole behind us”

Even Durant explained that he was not sure if something differently had been told or made to keep harden in the long term at the Nets. “I do not know. If you look at the situation out of his view – Kyrie does not play, I’m injured, he has not won a ring yet and is 32 years old – then I think he made a decision to make a team Going a title candidate and can win in the end, “said Durant.

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Kyrie Irving on James Harden rumors, vaccine mandate: 'Who knows what could happen?' | NBA on ESPN

“You can not control how someone feels different if he has such thoughts,” added the MVP from 2014. “I just hope he stays healthy, just like his team and our team. Hopefully we have a good year and you too and in the end we leave the whole behind us.”

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