Bethesda mocks the Fallout Road Leaf 76 of 5 years

Fallout 76 Recently obtained its roadmap for 2022 and, almost at the same time, players saw the last calendar of events to plan the next weeks of events as well. However, it seems that those are not the only route leaves in which the developers are working, as they seem to have plans to admit the game for at least several more years. Work is being done on a three and five-year-old roadmap, the creators said in a recent interview, which should give hope to fallout 76 players about what is to come.

The developers spoke with Ausgamers in a recent interview on the current state of fallout 76 as well as their future. Since the game itself was available since November 2018, it received several updates and expansions to continue adding more Fallout content, both new and family. It would be a decent execution for most games if they decided that they will finish things or slow down content releases soon, but it does not seem to be compatible with fallout 76 it goes anywhere at any time soon.

“Much of my time at this time I dedicate it to planning that three and five-year-old roadmap,” said design director Mark Tucker to Ausgamers. “The three-year route is much more understood and known, five years it becomes a little more blurred, but we are dedicated to updating [fallout 76]. The message for our players is that there should be no reason to think that we are not going to continue updating this game ».

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Tucker added that things become “a bit confusing” when he is planned to five years, but the three-year roadmap “is much more understood and known.” He reiterated again that the support will be continuous and that there is more to wait in the coming years.

“The message for our players is that there should be no reason to think that we are not going to continue updating this game,” Tucker said. “We have things we are doing to make sure we can continue to produce updates for the game for a long period of time. We have many fun and great things that I can not wait to tell people. Things is beyond this year ».

Separated from fallout 76 There have been rumors recently on internal discussions within Microsoft with respect to a possible sequel to fallout New Vegas, but that is deep in the “questionable” category since the whispers on that type of conversations have been happening since some time ago. For much more informed expectations, you can plan fallout 76 get support for at least several more years.

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