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The Open World Game Hogwarts Legacy should appear in 2022 after the information so far. While there were rumors that the release of the game is shifted, Publisher Warner Bros. several times that the magician game, settled in the “Wizarding World”, will appear this year. There is no lack of rumors that Hogwarts Legacy is missing. This is because there is little until no new information about the action role play has been moved since the initially scheduled release in 2021 has been postponed. The developer team of Avalanche software is silent. This only applies to the active members. A former team member recently commented on the possibility of a new trailer to the Harry Potter game , which will be shown in March.

Hogwarts Legacy on the next state of play?

Hogwarts Legacy: Everything You Need to Know About the New Harry Potter Open World RPG
The rumors around Hogwarts Legacy brods as much as a long time. The reason for this are the rumors for an alleged state of play in March 2022 , on which the magical adventure is to be presented in detail. Several well-known leakers assume that Warner Bros. on the PlayStation event will show a new trailer for the game in which the magical skills that can be obtained are highlighted.

Avalanche software has not yet officially expressed itself, but Troy Leavitt . Avalanche’s former senior producer recently reported on Twitter and responded to Leaks regarding a state of play with a focus on Hogwarts Legacy.

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Troy Leavitt says, “The timing is right.”

According to the latest rumors, Hogwarts Legacy is said to be 10. March 2022 Get a gameplay update in the form of a trailer. The tweeted “Podcast Now” with a rather doubting post. TROY LEVITT then commented that he does not confirm or denies whether the date is right, but _ “the timing appears properly for an upcoming trailer” _.

Since Leavitt has no longer belonged to the development team of the game for about a year, it is unclear how much he can really know. Because it is likely that the plans have changed since then. Leavitt left Avalanche in March 2021 after a controversy, which included his YouTube channel , in which he, among other things, aggressive against feminism, #Metoo and much more Duke.

When should Hogwarts Legacy appear?

So far, most Leaks suggest that Hogwarts Legacy should appear in September 2022. That suspects many insiders and rely on the announcement of the official artbook to the game , which is to be released in September. When it’s time, Hogwarts Legacy will be available for the PC , the PS4 & PS5 , as well as on Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S .

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