Baumgart: David Room flank “The best of the Bundesliga”

For a long time it was desperate. In Cologne, Hoffenheim once again made a lot of first-class scorchancies unused, especially Ihlas Bebou strained the nerves of his colleagues and coach Sebastian Hoeneß, who had wanted himself after all the catchingjaws, “also lead again to lead again. After numerous failing attempts of his attackers finally succeeded defender Stefan Posch the Golden 1: 0. The Austrian had put his first goal for the TSG in the first leg, now his second.

The perfect flank had once again pushed David room in front of the goal – with exactly the right force, air curve and precision. “My flank was not so wrong, but Poschi moves in, makes the great and heads it untouchable – a super gate,” was pleased to have room, which had already been rewarded and completed before.

He has a super speed forward.

Steffen Baumgart About David Room

1981 (June 6) Borussia Moenchengladbach 1-Bayern Munich 4 (West German Bundesliga)
The majority of Hoffenheim opportunities had their origins on the left side, which is always unpleasant free kicks or corner balls. Thus, Andrej Kramaric and Bebou Raums missed room for example served ball (20th), which previously already seemed auspicious Bebou built immediately after the pause room flank only on the post (46th), marriage posch then finally room to his ninth assist and the eleventh scorer spot helped.

Even the trainer of the opponent was impressed afterwards from the performance space. “His flanks then come to the point. I think he’s the best player we have in the Bundesliga,” said Steffen Baumgart, “he has a super speed forward and is always well-played well. “

Only room playlist bothered Hoeneß

The praised itself went relaxed with the negligent recovery of his ones. “We could have done even more goals, but a hit more is enough for the victory,” the 23-year-old was pleased, “if you want to play on top, you have to win this duels. These are the horny, disgusting victories, about the You are very happy. ” A success with which the TSG reaffirmed four up screwed up and their international ambitions.

But then, however, Hoeneß had to complain about the overall performance of David’s room. “Before the game he is responsible for the playlist in the cabin, sometimes I have to listen away,” the 39-year-old betrayed. A shortcoming that the TSG coach certainly like to accept.

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