How to unlock a passive Skull Omaniac object in Vampire Survivors

In the update of Vampire Survivors from March 2, many new features were added to the game. One of them was the new use of the passive subject Skull O’Maniac, which made it a much more sought-after element of the kit. But how to unlock Skull O’Maniac in Vampire Survivors.

UNLOCKING THE SKULL O'MANIAC | Vampire Survivors #24
To unlock Skull O’Maniac, you need to survive at least 30 minutes with palm lama . You can do it at any level and with any combination of weapons, but it is still extremely difficult to unlock it. This is due to the built-in Lama Curse. Lama receives a 5% curse every 10 levels up to 30%, which increases speed, health and frequency of enemies.

After you unlock Skull O’Maniac, it acts as a buff on the Curse characteristic. Increases speed, health and number of enemies by 10% for each level. But Skull O’Maniac also acts as a requirement for evolution for Song of Mana weapon. Manya’s song can be converted into mannumbage using O’Manyak skull.

But if you want to find Skull O’Maniac, without unlocking it, there is a way. The passive subject is also in a hidden place in the north of the insane forest. To find it for sure, you can use the Milky Way Card. Using this Skull O’Maniac set, you can develop mannajja without having to unlock the Skull O’Maniac weapon itself.

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