Hecking: “We do not have to hide ourselves”

Locker and relaxed, Dieter Hecking chatted after the 2-1 home win against HSV and the press conference with the reporters. The sports board of the FCN has been successful in business for decades, also thanks to realism that characterizes him. So he referred, with the promise question confronted, to the five points residue as well as the one 17 worse goal difference over Darmstadt 98. Hecking and coach Robert Klauß gladly argue with the seasonal goal five to eight, target corridor they call it.

And yet: Anyone who looked exactly at the late Saturday night, who realized self-confident intermediate tones. The 1st FC Nuremberg remains outsider in the ascent race, but he licked blood and is in a comfortable starting situation because he does not necessarily have to rise, on the other hand still against the three clubs in front of him in the table and his sporty fate at least partially in holds your own hands. “We should assume it so positively and confidently, we do not have to hide, but always to our hundred percent,” said Hecking.

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Three points, also thanks to the quixtche luck

The latter not even true with a view to the late 2: 1 victory against HSV. Because in the first half of the game the hanseats dominated and were the clear better team. Even though opportunities were not lush on both sides, the club was able to appreciate the club with the draw for the break.

Nevertheless, the three points were at the end, because the team increased after the break, and the hamburgers simultaneously degraded. The quixture of luck met in the form of Tim Handwerkers winner, which was durable, even if he took the long corner deliberately targeted. A victory of passion, who woke up powerful emotions after the final whistle – on the grass, as on the ranks.

We are poorly credible for the opponents.

Dieter Hecking

A trump’s FCN could become the currently broad squad. Kilian Fischer convinced in his second start-up set as a right-back. “He always went forward for dynamics and has gone long way to the last minute,” clawed the replacement of Enrico Valentini (Covid-19). In the offensive tripartite row, two professionals ran again with Taylan Duman and Lukas Schleimer, which were in the first round supplementary.

Pascal Köpke meets reliably after his long injury break, is currently on the front in the striker hierarchy. And the double six, consisting of Fabian Nürnberger and Lino Tempelmann, brings stability. “We are poorly creditable for the opponents, with which system and staff we compete,” Hecking has recognized. And so hard to beat. Not the worst prerequisite for the final spurt.

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