Ski jumpers: Patzer by Karl Geiger costs Mixed

Because Karl Geiger Patzt, the German Mixed team will fly on Holmenkollen only rank five. After all, no one will be disqualified this time.

Karl Geiger looked after his momentous hoper crunches into the evening sky of Oslo. “Today I’ve had really clean next to it,” said the German praisiter after the disappointing fifth rank in the mixed competition of Oslo and asked his colleagues Markus Eisenbichler, Katharina Althaus and Juliane Seyfarth to forgiveness: “I’m sorry, because in the team is in the team The double bitter “.

Karl Geiger 131.5m FALL/CRASH - Bischofshofen 2022 Ski Jumping
Geiger was only flown on the legendary pulps in the first passage to 107.5 m, until then, the DSV quartet was still in place two behind the later winner Slovenia. “For Karl I’m sorry, but something can happen,” said Eisenbichler in the zdf: “I do not make a reproach at all.”

Geiger increased at least to 125.5 m in the second round and may hope for the profit of the RAW-AIR series, which will continue on Saturday. There, the Oberstdorf is currently in third place. Seyfarth (110.5 m and 95.5) also left many points on Friday. “The day yesterday has taught to the nerves,” Seyfarth said, which had been disqualified in singles on Thursday.

In contrast, ex-world champion was convinced with two jumps on 128.5 m as well as the Olympia secondthaus (122.0 and 125.0 m), which, like Seyfarth, has just returned from a corona pause. “I tried to make two good jumps, but I would like to go further, I’m honest,” said Eisenbichler.

Ski jumping: German series in Mixed stops

Only for the fifth time in the World Cup story was a mixed on the program, for the fifth time series world champion Germany (832.9 points) did not land on the podium. The victory among the only eight teams went to the superior Olympic champion Slovenia (942.9) with Timi Zajc, Lovro Kos, Ursa Bogataj and the Nika Kriznar’s leading RAW Air (867.7) and Norway (866.9).

After all: 25 days after the farce in the Olympic mixed, when in addition to Germany three other top nations had been taken because of not rule-conformer suits from the medal fight, the competition went almost smoothly over the stage. This time was disqualified “Finland only”.

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In the overall standings of the five-day RAW-AIR tour, the results did not flow. There it goes on Saturday with the competitions of women (1 pm) and men (17.00 clock). Especially Geiger is in the fight for the winning premium of 35,000 euros as third behind Stefan Kraft (Austria) and the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi was still good in the race.

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