NBA News – James Harden gives home debut for the Philadelphia 76ers: “Feels like at home”

James Hard has given his a much rejuvenated home debut for the Philadelphia 76er’s victory against the Knicks. For a long time, the Sixers had problems, but were awake in time – even thanks to the harden, who held his new team only in a beat distance, passed past a triple-double and fell into raptures in view of the reception in Philly.

“It was like in the movie,” Harden said after the 123: 108-success on the espn microphone, for the first time as a Sixer in the Wells Fargo Center, “it was all I dreamed of”. Harden had used on the way to 26 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists for a few minutes before he had arrived right in the game. In the way, he indicated that nervousness was quite a role.

Already at the greeting it became really loud, in front of the hall, an euphorized fan reported, two Harden bears acquired for eleven dollars unfortunately have forgotten at home in the kitchen. However, as the fan calmed down, the Beard succumbed to personally in the game. In the middle of the first quarter he achieved his first points with a layup, including foul, followed by the patented stepback from the distance. With up to 16 meters, the guests from New York were in front, with 14 points in the second quarter, hardens highly caused the distance that the distance was not too large.

HARDEN SHOWED OUT In Philly Home Debut ????????
“In the second half, we came out with energy,” Harden called a simple recipe for success and explained in terms of trades, in every new situation quickly took care of. “It was great, I felt the energy and love, I just wanted to reply this love. I love the fans, it felt like home.”

His comrades support him much better after the Harden Show in Q2, with 2 fast threes, Joel Embid shortened to -1 and thanks to a 38: 19 district, the outcome of the game was clear. For the crowning degree, hardens with a passport over the entire field, which found Matisse Tybulle under the opposing basket. Almost two minutes before the final siren, the hall boiled again.

Hards with historical debut – Embiid enthuses CO-STAR

27, 29 and 26 points has launched harden in his first three games (three victories) for the Sixers – at odds of 59 and 50 percent and only 2.5 tours. For comparison: For the Nets, in the current season, he came straight to quotas of 41 and 33 percent (4.8 Turnover). He is even the first player since all Iverson at the Nuggets in 2006, who could put on an average of 25 points and 10 assists in the first three games for his new team. “I feel like I can adapt well, no matter where I get,” he said about his new role.

That he has already found himself well with his teammates, also prove more statements. While Embiid, who was with 27 points Topscorer of the Sixers, praised his congenial partner for this that this one (as he himself) is a “Clever basketball player”, which it only won and go the team, Maxey told a nice anecdote.

After the Guard had laid only 4 counters in the first half, harden in the cabin was jokingly asked him if he wanted to contribute something to the game today. Maxey answers this question with “yes, damn!” and controlled 21 meters after the break. He also seems to have inspired the arrival of harden. His statistics in the first three common games: 24.7 points, 64.3 3fg, 57.1 fg and 2.7 assists for only 0.3 ball losses.

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The start of the Harden Experience can thus be described as absolutely successful, with a balance sheet of 39-23 is currently 3 space in the competitive east (2 games behind the heat, 1.5 behind the bulls). But the program will now be really demanding first: In 9 of the next 10 games it works against playoff teams, after which the month is rounded off at 5 away games. At the latest then a first intermediate conclusion can be drawn, how well harden in the city of fraternal love has really arrived.

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