GENSHIN IMPACT: The calendar of events of March with everything that will happen this month in the game

One of the great problems of GENSHIN IMPACT is that it is enough to collide a couple of weeks to miss a special event. Developers are always introducing content that keeps us hooked in the game and the truth is that they are getting great results while we wait for SUMERU, the abyss or other developments to be introduced into the game. This same month is plagued on reasons to follow assets and the community has wanted to capture it in a single calendar.

What will we do this March in Genshin Impact?

After the spiral reboot of the abyss on day one of the month, Genshin Impact will only have two truly outstanding dates. With entry ritual of the three worlds active until the end of the version, the next strong plate arrives on March 2 with the launch of Divine Creation , which will allow us to create our own domains and experiment with The labyrinths of other players. They should also arrive to drink, a dream and Hyakunin Ikki , although they still have no date.

However, there are more days indicated…

  • New Gachapón : Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi returns in March 8
  • Birthday : Qiqi (day 3), Shenhe (10), Jean (14) and Noelle (21) are birthday this month.

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  • Presentation 2.6 : Although it has no official date, it is expected to take place around March 18.
  • Update 2.6 : It will be introduced next to the abyss on the 30th of this month.

Although it will not be the most moved update end that is remembered, the truth is that we have enough to wait until the arrival of the abyss in the coming weeks . A launch that promises to be of the most interesting for Genshin Impact players and could give us the first tracks about Sumeru, the next region that will reach the game on the occasion of version 3.0.

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