MSI Gaming Monitor, 11th Street Discounts

MS ICI Co., Ltd., announced that he opens up to 18% off the gaming monitor during the third district period, which is held at Domestic Famous Open Market 11th. In this way that this plan is conducted on 11 days from March 1, 2022, the MSI monitor is added to the MSI monitor to 8% of the Duplicate Coupon to 8% to 10%, providing up to 18% double discount benefits.

In particular, ‘MSI Optics G271’, which realizes 27-type FHD (1920 * 1080), 144Hz scales, and 1ms MPRT response speed, can be purchased in 190,000 won when the discount benefits are applied. It is a popular product that has received many consumers in the domestic gaming monitor market, providing sufficient performance in the game environment as well as the game environment.

MPG341CQR – Expand the Possibilities | Gaming Monitor | MSI

In addition, the monitor ‘MSI Optics MAG281URF’, which supports HDMI 2.1 and provides clear 4K and 144Hz display, can be purchased in 490,000 won, which is the lowest price, which is the lowest price of about 17% compared to the previous sales. Competitive monitor products of equivalent specifications are the lowest 700,000 won.

In addition, we presented 300,000 won for the new world’s gift certificate and write a photo review for the model of the gaming monitor.

Additional information on MSI monitors can be found in the MSI official cafe, MSI Korea official website and MSI official SNS.

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