Mission Guide ELEX 2BS – How to complete an Alb Agent

How to start an Alb Agent in Elex 2

You will receive an Alb Agent in Elex 2 after accompanying Skibor to the tank. With the initial phase of the research carried out, tell the Commander Irissa that she would like to know where he has to go next.

Then she must investigate Skibor’s rooms located a flat on the Irissa House. Inside, you will find another ALB called Zarik. Check the room to pick up the Skibor audio record and listen to it recite numbers. Tell Zarik about this and use the code «2-3-1-4» in the safe.

You will find a cleric uniform inside. You have the option to give it to Zarik and, when informing Irissa, he will tend you a trap. Fortunately, Irissa will still be on your side. She will ask you to find out if the clerics are behind the explosion, but Zarik and you will have to join forces.

Then, she talks to Azok and ask him where Zarik is. You should find it in the area of ​​sellers east. She will not tell you why he tried to fell a trap unless you have 20 cunning. Even so, when you tell the Orders of Irissa, he will have no choice but to obey.

Travel with Zarik

An Alb Agent in Elex 2 once again becomes an escort mission. Continue following Zarik through the mountain steps. He has powerful body-to-hand attacks in case the opponents approach. Unfortunately, the script of him sometimes will act strange (that is, he will simply stay there and wait for him to hit him instead of shouting at the enemies).

In a particular case, your group will be ambushed by Sky and Deviants, although you can stay behind and let Zarik take care of everything. He will be incapacitated, just to get up again and accumulate the blows.

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Eventually, you will reach a tunnel where a woman named Veronica tells you that you follow her. You will have to talk to Buzz, the leader of the “merchants”. Well, it turns out that these boys are not merchants. They are actually bandits.

You can try to intimidate Buzz if you have 30 strength or you can try to fight against it (which would be brutal due to so many hostile). Even so, it is possible to ask if he wants something more in return. Buzz will tell you to get Zarik’s armor, which the soldier Alb would reject. However, Zarik provides 1000 fragments so that you can bribe the bandits and follow your way. As an additional note: he must eliminate the bandits if he is going to work with the clerics.

Encounter with clerics

Soon, you will find yourself in the fortress of the Clergy Castle. This stage of an Alb Agent in Elex 2 requires you to talk to Hagen, followed by the Keno engineer.

You can also ask Keno if he needs help with the mechanism of him, which will work badly and become hostile. Since all those who are close will be attacked, you will get some easy XP. After that, you can open the Keno chest in a section of the steps in the back. This gives you the search registration search item.

Return to Hagen, who will ask him if he also took the 1,000 fragments in Keno’s chest. Do not bother lying. If he tells her what happened to the scout patrol that he found before, Hagen will simply confiscate the 1,000 fragments he got.

Looking for Viper among the marginalized

Inform Zarik and tell her that the clergy did not have anything to do with the pump. With that, your next track takes you back to the crater where you met Skibor.

Once you arrive, Zarik says you are looking for someone named Viper. You will notice several yellow circles in the area. When you go to these areas, you will become small points for specific NPCs. The goal here is to ask those specific NPCs by Viper whereabouts. You will want to speak specifically with the Tabernero, Mick, which is located in the northeast section of this area.

Mick will say that he does not know where Viper is. However, when you approach another key NPC, Mick’s son will give you a clue. I sweep so that you only have to pay 10 fragments, and the child will admit that Mick knows the Viper whereabouts.

He talks again with Mick and will arrange a meeting. You need to rest until the next day in the game to progress, what you can do directly above. When you are ready, follow Mick while you accompany you at Viper’s hiding place.

There is a bit of jokes with Viper, but you ask if you want to work for him. This is useless, especially if you have been following the chain of missions. All he does is reduce relationships with his colleagues, and Viper will continue to be becoming hostile.

In any case, you should kill him and see how Zarik appears (he has already dealt with the bodyguards).

Follow Zarik on the outskirts and try to pick up the friendly answers. He will say that he was wrong about him beliefs and that he wants to exile.

Finally, fast travel back to the tank and speak with commander Irissa. Based on Zarik’s information, ask him to admit that she has been accumulating more elex. She opens, saying that the substance makes you forget all the executions she has ordered.

You can decide which one you want her to be the destiny of her, Getting the achievement of irissa in turn. We suggest telling him that she is one to the clerics so she does not have a premature end due to Azok.

When everything is said and done, she can return to Azok and finish her report. To say that Zarik died and conclude the investigation. This will complete an Alb Agent in Elex 2. Even better, it finally allows you to officially join the faction as Scout. Next, let’s take a look at the things you can do to become a dawn soldier. Later, if you wish, you can even betray the Albas to become a ruler of the clerics.

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