Nintendo says goodbye: after 15 years ends a “Smash Bros.”

…WTF Nintendo
Since 2007, Super Smash Bros is an important part of the ESPORT EVO EVO – but that’s over now. After the organization was taken over by a direct competitor, Nintendo has decided to give the tournament the running pass.

EVO 2022 without Nintendos Super Smash Bros.

On March 8, 2022, the Evolutions Championship Series (short EVO short) starts to the next round. But before the start of the event, the organizers have to push away a barbetroot. After now 15 years Nintendo has decided to hire cooperation, so that the ESPORTS tournament has to renounce Super Smash Bros this year:

“We are thankful for all the fantastic games that will accompany us in Las Vegas this year, but we want to tell you in advance, that Super Smash Bros will not be there . Since 2007, we have experienced historical super-smash bros. Moments for the EVO events. We are sad, that Nintendo has decided not to continue this legacy this year . We hope that we can celebrate the Super Smash Bros. community together with you again in the future. “

Almost a year ago, Nintendo announced this step hidden in an official statement, after Sony bought the ESPORT event 2021 (Source: IGN).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a Switch Bestseller

The “Super Smash Bros.” Series is now over 23 years old and enjoys the Nintendo consoles always giant popularity. The current offshoot Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch also shows no exception.

A look at the official sales figures shows that the Brawler is now in place 3 of the Switch Bestseller. 27.4 million times Was the beating game already over the bar counter. Only Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sell even better.

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