The best groundland armor

You must keep your guard in Grounded because of all the massive insects around you. Although choosing among one of the best weapons either the way you can damage them and kill them, most players should plan to take a hit and need to protect themselves. There are several sets of armor in the game that you can use, but some are better than others, and some have unique uses that you may not have anticipated.

ant armor

The ants of ants will give you the transport strength of a small army and protect you as any powerful soldier you have probably encountered in the garden. Although lasting, it’s probably a set you should think about acquiring early in your game to fight some of the most powerful insects. In addition, by wearing it, none of the ants will disturb you, mainly the soldiers. They do not know you completely, giving you access to all their anthill. You need these resources for each room:


  • A ant head
  • Three parts of ants
  • Fuzz five mites


  • Five parts of ant
  • Two acidic glands
  • Two downs of mites


  • Six parts of ants
  • Two woven fibers
  • Four mouth stuffes

spider armor

For those who want a stimulating armor set, the spider set is a great way to try to manufacture. It is a decently robust defense compared to other armor parts, and when you wear the complete set, you increase endurance. In addition, while wearing it as ant armor, none of the spiders will bother you as long as you will not attack them. You can wear it to explore the entire garden without having to deal with it.

Spider cover

  • Two spider crocks
  • Three pieces of spider
  • Leather two berries

Spider shoulder protection

  • Five spider pieces
  • Leather Three Berries

Special Ant Tier List in The Ants: Underground Kingdom
* Four spider silk

Spider Kneeer

  • Four spider pieces
  • Four spider silk
  • Leather two berries

rotten bee armor

The rotten bee armor is not something you can manufacture in the game. You can create a bee armor in creative mode, but it does not seem to contain all the active ingredients to make it. The rotten bee armor is something you can find by visiting the anthill northwest of the first field station you are experiencing when you start. A good way to explore freely is to first manufacture the ant armor, and none of the soldiers should disturb you by exploring the catacombs.

YouTuber ZAFROSTPET has all detailed locations for those looking for their specific locations. You can find them next to the skeleton pieces in the anthill.


Gland armor is probably one of the best starting armor sets you can get. When you have equipped the complete set, it increases your maximum health points. The increase in health points is a good way to make sure even if you take a few shots on a spider, a ladybug or a pin, it’s not the end of the world. This gives you a little more room for maneuver to understand how to fight a new insect. But there are other armor pieces you want to look for, especially when you decide that you want more robust protections against wolf spiders.

Here are the resources you need for each room:


  • A glans shell
  • Fuzz five mites
  • Three woven fibers

Plastron Gland:

  • Three glans shells
  • Six clover leaves
  • Four woven fibers


  • Two glans shells
  • Four sap
  • Four woven fibers

Ladybug Armor

The last set of armor you want to consider acquiring is the set of ladybug armor. It has some of the highest defensive statistics of the game, and once you have equipped it, it will increase the amount of blocking force you have. Your locking force appears when you try to withstand a violent blow of an insect, and you should see the global counter at the bottom of your screen while holding the lock button. For those who have mastered the blockage of insect attacks, it could be a life buoy.

Here are all the resources you need to create it:

Face Front Ladybug:

  • A ladybug
  • Two part of ladybug
  • Three berry leathers

Plastron Ladybug:

  • Two petals of flowers
  • Four games of ladybug
  • Four leathers of bays

Ladybug Tibia Protector: * Five parts of ladybug * Four leathers of bays * Four flower petals

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