Super SmBrosh Bros will not be in EVO 2022

After the digital edition of 2021, the EVO 2022 , the most important Fighting Games event worldwide, will be celebrated again in person, specifically in LBros VegBros during the next August. Bros we already know, the event wBros acquired by Sony already a few months ago, with the consequent incognito of what would happen with exclusive games of other platforms, to which we have an answer today: Super SmBrosh Bros will not be in EVO 2022 The capital of Nevada.


You have to remember that, after its launch in 2018, Super SmBrosh Bros Ultimate wBros the game chosen to close EVO 2019 edition, to surprise not a few genre fans. However, Nintendo’s game wBros the perfect colophon to beat recordings of visualizations on the official Twitch channel of the event, with more than 200,000 viewers , reaching a peak of virtually 279,000.

Nintendo turns his back on Evo 2022

In spite of everything, this hBros not served for Kyoto’s company to compete with the video game this 2022, since According to the official communiqué of the organization, the decision is from Nintendo . Bros you have anticipated, on March 8 there will be a special rental with some news, among which you can expect the announcement of some of the games that will be present. “While we are grateful to all the amazing games that will join us later during this year in LBros VegBros, we want to know that Super SmBrosh Bros will not be back,” said said statement. The Japanese hBros already anticipated almost a year ago that they would evaluate the situation after the acquisition of the Event by Sony.

“Since 2007 we have seen Bros Super SmBrosh Bros hBros created historical moments in EVO,” he continues. “We are sad to see how Nintendo hBros decided not to continue with that legacy with us this year. In the future, we hope to celebrate together with the whole community of Super SmBrosh Bros.”

Said which, there is only to be expected from the aforementioned March 8 to glimpse the first news of the 2022 edition. Among the games that you can expect are GUILTY GEAR STRIVE, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11 – With triumphal inclusion in 2021 Thanks to its solid online- and the recent The King of Fighters XV.

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