FC Eintracht Bamberg benefits from ATSV

ASV Neumarkt – FV 04 Würzburg 2: 2 (1: 2)

The game at the Deininger way was exposed to tension away from the top struggle. With the new coaching team Kevin Leidl and Michael Lohse, the newcomer against FV 04 Würzburg reached a lowered under the dash. Especially in the initial phase in the warehouse of the hosts nothing was to feel about the unrest of the last two weeks. On the contrary, the closed team around Captain Alexander Braun began strong and extremely purposeful. Already after a few minutes, the households could lead to the chances of Selim Mjaki and Christian Schrödl with 2: 0. But after about a quarter of an hour, guests had gradually swelled free to overall heavy frequently. Without their new access Gudmundur hafstonesson they did not limit themselves by no means only to securing their own goal. A beautiful stafette about Moritz plots on Mohamed Conte decented the first time for the Neumarkter Gate. Nevertheless, the hosts had (still) the better possibilities. A rescue status of Andre Koob against Selim Mjaki again prevented the residue for FV 04. On the tribune (total of around 300 spectators were around 300 spectators), many of the die-filled Neumarkter followers acknowledged the 23-year attacker who was trained in their own youth Words: “He is still a bit badly”. It was certainly not meant, maybe because they knew that the striker could sometimes make the difference alone.

But first of all, the hosts including their two new trainers who spent almost the entire season standing on the outside line, after half an hour a setback. The Würzburg combined after an energetic ball of the ball quickly over the right side. Michels’s flank landed at Fabio Bozesan, who with his header in the long corner meant the hitherto somewhat surprising guest guide.

Really long, however, the loud Würzburg appendix was not welcome about it. Only four minutes later, the shortly previously criticized Selim Mjaki met in one-counter-one with Koob to 1: 1 (34.). He was worth seeing a beautifully broken ball, which he made uncompromising past the keeper in the gate.

The game, which had a good pace overall, had the next extension even before the break. And in fact, the Neumarkter defensive had to have a little accusation in the new leadership of the guests, just too hesitantly acting. Mohamend Conte reacted the fastest after a throw in the center. With a turn, he shook two defenders in the penalty area and met with his shot in the long corner to 2: 1 for the Würzburg (38th).

There, the guests wanted to build after the change. Clearly more offensive, in the first few minutes, they even revised overweight and urged the third goal. He could possibly mean the decision. Now the ASV needed a while to go back to the game. But that succeeded after about an hour. A pass by free-kick from Braun found in the center of Schrödl, which made the leather tailored to Mjaki. He sat in vigorously and met almost 12 meters to the renewed compensation. “He absolutely wanted to go the goal,” Kevin praised Leidl, who was not completely dissatisfied at the end of his protégé after closing whiff. “You just have to take a game as a game,” he summed up. His colleague Michael Lohse saw a fair draw after an intense half. “We were primarily simply important to rest rest in the club and around the team,” says Leulel, who is now preparing the team on the coming game at ASV Cham with Lohse. “What comes then will we see.”

On the Würzburg side you saw the points division, on the other hand, with some mixed feelings. It was deserved one point, with a little luck, it could even have become more. But a signal to the competition in the relegation fight was this 2: 2 all.

SV Vatan Sport Aschaffenburg – DJK Giving 1: 2 (0: 1)

With a hull cabider of only 13 players, DJK GIENBACH had to compete their way to Aschaffenburg. Nevertheless, Kai Hempel and his team at the end were able to enter a narrow victory and remove the right words “distance to the relegation places”. In a good first half, the guests were earned after the hit of Salah El Berd after about a quarter of an hour earned. However, one rested slightly too much on this lead. The households came to the game again until halftime. Chances of Furkan Sandikci or Sinan Kaplan did not find the way over the line. It ran better shortly after the change. Gökhan Aydin, after being fouled, came to penalty even to penalty and met 120 seconds after restart to the hitherto highly deserved compensation. But that was the wake up call for the guests, who thanks Oliver Gorgiev found the forward gear again. Michael Jonczy first gave the opportunity to lead. After just under an hour, however, it worked as Timo Kohler recalled Gorgiev to reclaim to renewed leadership. Although the households acted in the episode, but a little too headless to bring the guest defense in a distress again. The substitute Mehmet Yalcin still had the biggest way to compensate, but he also glued the bad luck on the shoes this Saturday afternoon.

1. FC Sand – SV SeligenPorts 2: 5 (1: 1)

waNtedStyle CF vs FC Eintracht Bamberg 2010 e.V.
FCS coach Matthias Stritten has already seen a lot. Alone since its office in July 2020, the 40-year-old should have helped numerous emotional worlds. It is certainly not forget three minutes in the second half, in which and his team on Saturday the basement duel against the SV Seligenorden glit out of his hands. “As simple and moving the last grains have been missing,” stress analyzed behind. However, you have to lead to the honorary rescue of the basket makers that the preparation has run anything but optimally for FC. Almost two weeks, the subfrunken could hardly not train until all. “That affects the strength then.” However, the Sander exercise leader did not want to be considered an excuse. “We just lost the ball too often and made too many easy mistakes that may be avoidable at a little more concentration.”

It had actually started well for the home owners. A slatted cranger of Sebastian Wagner was the first warning signal towards the “monastery”, which initially not quite set on the runner. After 15 minutes, Zang rewarded, which turned a free-kick to the 1-0, which deserves homely. But gradually the households now switched something too much into the administrative mode. There was no way forward and the guests came into play in their part. Just did not fit the pass to the racing Christian Knorr yet, the passport was more successful in Manfred Strobel after 25 minutes. The attacker overcame Markus Geier to 1: 1. Even in the following minutes, the Sander overasted the guests the game, which could not beat any further capital. A post hit, the guests shortly before the break seemed the hoped-for wake-up call for the FC sand, which came much more active out of the cabins. And promptly rewarded the Sander again when Nicolas John achieved the renewed lead (57.). He was allowed to spend two minutes later. However, that was not the reason that the guests could now turn the game within a few minutes. A completely alone Leon Rukiqi first marked the compensation (65.). Only three minutes later, the households were a decisive ball loss, which ended the final with the 3: 2 guidance of the guests by Christian Knorr. A transformed foul feet (again by Knorr) eight minutes later, the hope of the home roards had a minimum sink. At the latest after 2: 5 in the 84th minute by Giuliano Nyary, however, the last spark was extinguished. Nevertheless, Strät’s criticism did not want to go to the court with his team: “The difference was so great as the result makes the result, from my point of view. Even if we are now slipped onto the penultimate place, it is important That we progress step by step. “

DJK Vilzing – SPVGG Ansbach 0: 0

Goals are the salt in the soup. But even if they are missing, a draw can have a high entertainment value. Granted, coach Monting with such play the lack of luck in front of the opponent gate. That was not a bit different on Saturday on the artificial turf in Vilzing, yet the approximately 500 spectators were fully on their costs. In the preliminary round, coach Josef Eibl (DJK Vilzing) had a small little little the poor opportunities utilization of his Department Attack on the note. Significant playful superiority, many occasions, but too little goals was the attribute that the Vilzinger followed again and again. Against the SPVGG Ansbach this time, however, was different this time. Although the households acted early in order and had control over the game after smaller start-up difficulties. “We often lacked the decisive last pass,” says Eibl after the 0-0 against the Central Franconia. “Even after the change we have occurred very dominant, but we had barely scorchances.” On the other hand, it looked a bit different from the emotional situation in the Ansbacher camp. Because despite a nearly 70-minute night (Herzern had seen the traffic light card after 28 minutes) almost even won. In the final phase, Patrick Kroiß and Stefan Hammeter had two really good shot options. However, while at Krois after passing manz the shoe tore and the striker stood literally on stockings on the square and he could not “process the ball reasonably, the lifter of the substitute hammet went in the screening time over the gate. Thus, Christoph Hasselmeier in the end spoke of a “highly deserved point,” but at the same time, that two chances in the final phase were held behind, because “despite the shortcut was there for us today even more in it”.

FC Eintracht Bamberg – TSV Abtswind 2: 0 (1: 0)

The FC Eintracht Bamberg used his chance and conquered the place on the sun. Even without the top gate Jakob Transziska (change to FSV Mainz 05 II) and Lukas Schmittschmitt (injured), the team of Julian Kolbeck was able to win her home game against the TSV Abtswind. The Bamberger also benefited from the early lead by Franz Helmer, who with his twelfth goal of the season at just four minutes of playing a lightning start. The approximately 300 to Gausstadt viewers also saw a high pace of the guests. However, in the technically good game, the excitants were missing. Only after half an hour it was a bit more lively in front of the gates. Phillip Hack (in the direct duel with TSV locker Felix Reusch) or David Lang missed a higher leadership of the households for break. After changing, the game became more intense, but further with advantages for the hosts. The recorded by Phillip Hacks slatted train the best chance (68.). A happy hand while changing had Kolbeck with the takeoff of Arend Elshani. Only two minutes after starting the start of the start of the Bamberger met after Pass of Markus Schmitt (also taken a break) To the decisive 2: 0 (73.). The exercise manager was pleased accordingly: “Through the bank, all worked today, whether from the beginning or as a changer. The guys work in the collective simply outstanding.” Abtswind’s coach Claudiu Bozesan also knew just to add little. “It was a deserved victory for a teamk, which has put away the way to the way of her Top Torobäger. There are still some that are just as good.”

DJK Don Bosco Bamberg – TSV Grossbarddorf – Sun.

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