The new infinite halo key is debut with the grapple and the new HALO installation

A brand new piece of Haro Infinity Artwork gave us the best overview of the next Master Chief adventure. Before the revelation of the global gameplay during the showcase of the Xbox games of Thursday, a 14-second teaser has been published on the official Twitter account of the Xbox and apparently confirms recent rumors on the upgrades of the Chief Costume, the frame. game, etc.

The key art has also been confirmed as the new game pouch by Community Manager 343 U / SnickerDoodle on Halo Waypoint website before moving video.

The sting begins with a close-up of John-117 visor before retiring to reveal more intriguing details. Rumors earlier this week, it was suggested that Master Chief would be equipped with a new grapple accessory, and these rumors appear to be true. There is a new device attached to the Spartan armor covering the left forearm of Master Chief, and it certainly seems to be grapplemed.

The sixth main entrance of the franchise seems to take place on another HALO installation, and the key art alludes to a nostalgic feeling of the game with its lush environments, its precursor technology and its unfinished Halo ring. Messages on the Remesera Forums proposed that Chief be on the installation 07, but these reports are not confirmed at the moment.

The last index in the key art continues to suggest that The Banished – Helo Wars 2 The main antagonists will play a leading role in the debates. As shown on the forums Queetera, a zoom on the chef’s visor seems to show the imposing figure of Hyperius, the leader of the banking.

Grapple Bamboozle Trick in Halo Infinite

Hyperius has a hunter mjolnir headset attached to his shoulder and, as shown in the enlarged image, this helmet is clearly visible. Coupled with a recent teaser about The Banished involvement, all signs indicate that Hyperius is the figure reflected in the Master Chief Visor.

We will know more about Harm infinite the story, the enemies, the decor and the capacities of the window of the Xbox games of July 23. Harm Infinity should launch Holiday 2020 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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