Politics against Cl-Finale in St. Petersburg

Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg demand in a open letter published on Tuesday: UEFA should escape Russia the Champions League final in St. Petersburg and finish cooperation with the main sponsor Gazprom. The times in which one observes the situation only continuously, be over. The UEFA had previously declared that there is currently “no plans” to “change the venue”.

“The UEFA has to act now,” says in writing. “We urge you to consider St. Petersburg and other Russian cities no longer considered as venue for international football competitions,” says the statement. The UEFA should now select “as the first and extremely urgent step an alternative venue for the Champions League final on May 28, 2022”. MEPs appealed to UEFA to convene a special session of the executive to end cooperation with the Russian energy company Gazprom.

German parties agree, only the left has a different idea

The German policy also demands that. The sports policy spokesman of the FDP, Philipp Hartwig, said the SID: “If Russia is intentionally breaking international law, Russia must also live with the consequences. So that sanctions against Russia are effective, they have to hurt Russia, especially.”

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has recognized the independence of Seperatist areas Donetsk and Luhansk in the Eastern Ukraine and sends Russian soldiers into the territories. Therefore, the sports policy spokeswoman of the SPD, Sabine Poschmann, a departure of the final in St. Petersburg for “unthinkable. The UEFA is invited to relocate the final to another country.”

This is how Andre Hahn, the sports policy speaker of the left, is currently for the wrong way: “Instead of turning on the spiral of escalation, we now need more than ever diplomacy and talks on many levels,” he said. The sport could “be an important bridge”. Now also “not yet the time” to decide on the final of the royal class.

Rangnick: “Deescalation more important than a Champions League game”

UEFA considering moving Champions League final from Saint Petersburg due to Russia-Ukraine tension

Also from the United Kingdom comes the demand of a relocation, from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He sees “no chance to hold football tournaments in a Russia penetrating in sovereign countries.” In a parliamentary meeting he said it was “in this critical time absolutely vital that president Putin understands that what he does, a disaster for Russia will be”.

Ralf Rangnick did not want to interfere in the topic when he was interviewed the day before Manchester United’s Champions League duel at Atletico, that was the matter of politics and UEFA. “Not only here in England, but throughout Europe and the rest of the world, we all hope for a de-escalation of things,” said Interim Trainer. “That’s more important than a Champions League game.”

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