Ukraine conflict: German politics demands the responsiveness of the League final

The German policy calls for cross-party a response of the League final on Russia’s action in Eastern Ukraine.

“If Russia breaks into international law, Russia also has to live with the consequences,” said Philipp Hartagig, League finals policy spokesman for FDP, the “SID”: “League final is not unpolitical.” The focus is on this year’s Champions League final in the Russian St. Petersburg.

Hardwig also sees “responsibility” at the European Football Union (UEFA), which is currently further adhering to the output of the final on May 28 in the Russian metropolis. “If there is no deescalation of the current situation,” the UEFA “to find a new venue,” he said, “So that sanctions against Russia are effective, they have to hurt Russia, above all.”

A discharge of the final in St. Petersburg holds Sabine Poschmann, League finals policy spokeswoman of the SPD, “in the face of this intentional escalation of the situation” for “unthinkable. The UEFA is asked to relocate the final to another country,” she said the “SID” After Russia’s President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the separatist territories Donetsk and Luhansk in the Ostukraine and sent Russian soldiers into the territories.

The Green Bundestag member Philip Krämer also finds the discharge of events in Russia according to the latest developments “absolutely insanely”.

The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Perspectives from Kyiv, Moscow and Brussels

It is “then very perfidious”, with a Champions League final “with representatives of the Russian regime a League finaly celebration” to organize, while in Ukrainian areas there was a war, “which has been acknowledged by this Russian regime,” said Deputy Chairman in the League finals Committee of the Bundestag the “SID”.

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