[Cats Day] I tried to collect the game where the cat comes out because it is February 22, 2022! [STEAM 10 selection]

Do you know what day February 22 is? Today, Japan’s cat’s Day Executive Committee was enacted in 1987 “Cat Day” . It seems that it was a meaning of the word “Nyan” and “2”, which is a cat’s sound voice, and it seems to be enacted with “I am happy to live with a cat and the anniversary of the anniversary of this joy with a cat”. Furthermore, this year is 2022, and it is a special year of “Nyan”.

Cats are the existence that can not be disconnected to the gamer. A number of large production games will appear in the scene for indie games, occupying keyboards in the real world, or take a nap to cushions…… Oh, too cute….

There are 10 STEAM titles with a game that is a “cat day of cat” to love there, Cats appeared! If you don’t keep a cat on this occasion, how about love in the world of the game?

# Cat Goes Fishing

Speaking of cats, it is famous for fish and famous. This work is Fish love cat is just fishing, it is a game. Have only one piece of rugs on a natural island and the game begins. And the cat will give you a chopstick today. When it comes to the day of the day, I dreamed of becoming a Fischer Cat to drive the Oshihara.

The fish is hazardic and we will customize the fishing rod while using it. Fishing fish and achieve quests won money. From the rod and boat equipment, unlock the equipment such as rods and boats, to feed the worthy fish.

# Caliko

I can not keep my cats because of family circumstances and rental. That person’s oasis, it is a cat cafe. It’s time to pass over and over again, and when it was recognized by Nuko, it will be already afraid. And this work is not only a cat ** Simulation game that operates an animal cafe with a variety of animals.

Magical Girl and a lot of animals live in the city of animal cafe just before bankruptcy. Arrange various cute furniture and decorations, prepare delicious sweets, and if there is a healing animal, there is no thriving mistake. It also supports Japanese, and let’s touch it with animals while tasting a horny atmosphere, and enjoy a loose life and enjoy the sky.

# Nyanko Lateral Damage: Remastered Edition

When I get tired of my life, do you think it’s hard? “A ~ ~” and… ” This work makes such a wish come true 1-person perspective cat simulation game . The player will be a cute one cat and there will be a cute one, and defeat the owner’s furniture and memories, and tear the curtain, and tell me who the real owner.

It is safe to leave it to the instinct and live freely. It is also good to try the quest if you care about. If you get tired, you can take a leisurely nap in Sandbox mode. There is no two letters of “bound” to a cat. It is just a minister of the remarks of the result of life that lives in freedom. It is a sacrificial sacrifice that does not match in front of the cat.

Another Free Game I Can't Stop Playing

CAT Quest II

This work is the sequel to the open world RPG with STeam ** “overwhelmingly popular”. The cats and dogs are drawn on the stage of the world of magic and monsters.

In this work that has been upgraded from the previous work, more weapons, magic, and character change systems that fight while replacing dogs and cats are implemented. At the time of playing one person, it will operate either dog or cats, and the other will operate the AI. It is also possible to play while cooperating with two people in local play. To prevent the war of the Cat Country and the country of dogs, let’s meet each other and aim for the Wannyaflu world.

# Karate cat

Cat is a game that breaks the board with a price of 100 yen . that’s all.

The system is simple and simple. The player presses the rising gauge with good pressing and divide the board. Occasionally, let’s be careful not to make a mistake because it will be mixed with the board and bricks come out. If you overlap the combo, you will change to a cat and crush it even bricks. Multiple cats that can be selected are implemented and the location can be changed. It is a game of perfect for those who want to train the eyes while looking at the cat.

# The cat games

“Perfect game for cat lovers” and this work on the store page is a mini game collection with a cat. Three modes are implemented in the game.

The first is an obstacle running. While avoiding furniture and trash, manipulate the cats that you want to dash up and down and get along with the ducks and flags to earn scores. The second is a reflective neural game in the bath. Keep balancing with shampoo bottles and soap that fly on the bathtub. The third is a billiard game. Plect the cat’s face instead of the ball and earn a score with a hole. All 16 results are implemented in this work, and the cancellation condition is hidden in anyone except mini game. As the price is cheap, it is recommended for those who want to breathe while being healed by a cat.

# Renko thing

Dying Mother’s Cat and the growth story of kitten who became one person. Run through the city, catch trash, and survive 13 days until human beings become a pine.

The city has a variety of nature’s NPCs, interchangeable and get along and gets feeding, and you can hear the story. Ending changes to 11 patterns due to their favorable sensitivity. It is a work that can be considered as a simple exivue word, but also about human and cats.

# NYAN CAT: LOST in Space

Japan’s artist Daniwell handed over 200 million times in Youtube ** It is a book that games for the world’s most famous flying cat, which became an overseas marief.

This work operates Nyan CAT 2D platform game. We will collect milk, ice, sweets, etc. on the stage. The game mode is all installed in all, making it possible to create an original NYAN CAT or enjoy wearing. In addition, TAC Nayn, which is the enemy of NYAN CAT, also appears.

# Gilaf and Annica

This work is a Heartful 3D Adventure game that solves the mystery of the main character ** cat ear girl Annika’s memory and the island ‘s mystery on the stage of “Spica Island” in which the mysterious power lives. Annica who has requested a star fragment to a boy jilaf who knows the mystery of Annica and the island will explore the island and challenge her dungeon.

In her adventure part, she explored a vast island and looks for treasure chests, visiting residents, and solves many mystery hidden on the island. The story part has changed in one wind and is a comic-like production, and various productions enliven the story. Dungeon’s boss match adopts rhythm action game. You can enjoy music and synchronized production and gameplay. Game * SPARK also published a play report, so please take a look.

# Neko Pura Vol. 1

For cat lovers “Nekopa” is no exaggeration to say that it is a duty education. This work is a heart full comedy that comes with “Chocola” and “Vanilla” and “Vanilla” on the stage of the cake shop “La Soleil”. The “Neketa” series is Vol. 1 to Vol. 4, Vol.0 and Extra, which are the last daytime, are sold. In addition, last year’s “Neketa-Catboys Paradise” for women also appeared.

One day, I’m unloading at a cake shop I will open in a cake shop I was an 月 祥 (Minazu Kamen), and I found a cat Chocola and Vanilla that I had kept in her my home. Cats and cats born in genetic improvement. In the world of “Nekopa”, we dissolve in human society and live as pets. And finally, to open a shop with one person and two. A little H story can be experienced, with two cats that work hard while failing. In addition, if a gentleman who wants to experience a tissue H story, buy a separate patch.

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