Saarbrück fans storm interior

Through the 0: 1 against Viktoria Cologne it missed the FCS, at least temporarily to jump in third place. The fans inherit performance and result so that they stormed the interior and placed players as well as coach Uwe Koschinat vehemently.

Especially coschinate did not shy the confrontation. The 50-year-old picked himself a scolding fan and made his viewpoint particularly clear. At the microphone of “magenta sport” Koschinat said, “It’s, of course, that in football is scary, many emotions are in it and that the disappointment is very big. Then maybe a fan has no other chance than to escape in this way. Am You have to deal with this situation as a professional and coach, because we often have felt enough of these emotionality in a positive sense and today, something surprising, in the negative. “

Saarbrücken-Fans stürmen Innenraum nach Niederlage | FCS - Köln 0:1

That the fans get the chance to walk in the square, that’s not their failure.

Uwe Koschinat

Basically, he see it as a “problem” that his team is not a “midfield team that chokes through the season.” “We probably taught the claim that we are a team that plays up,” says Koschinat: “Then the way the defeat comes together, simply disappointing. Then the emotion is unloading, and that the fans are the chance Getting to walk in the square, that’s not your failure. “

“… as if we were not a powerful pile”

In case of coschinate, understanding and incomprehension mixed. “What makes me very frustrated, is that every time the appearance is awakened as if we were not a powerful pile,” he scolded, “We went beyond our borders in so many games with the help of fans. I am assumed that an idea of ​​unity arises here… I have never formulated that we do not need the fans to win games. That’s why my naive hope has been that the fans accompany us through heavy phases, but That may not apply to everyone nowadays. “

Captain Zeitz sees “completely exaggerated reaction”

Coschinate was completely explicitly referring to “very strong groupings that are much more important than the club. The very much passion of passion. That’s not I mean in the negative sense. The identify that is insane with a thing.” More clearly in relation to the behavior of the fans, Captain Manuel Zez was: “You have kept your displeasure, but we have this time as a team too. I think that time the reactions are completely exaggerated that the place is stormed after a 0: 1 in the 3rd league. “

We are in the second year in the 3rd league, and I think it would do our good for humility in Saarbrücken.

Manuel Zeitz

He and his teammates also knew that it was “no outstanding game of us,” says Zeitz. “Now the team is here as if we were the absolute idiot and complete failure, is also the wrong way,” he is convinced: “We are in the second year in the 3rd league, and I think humility would be in Saarbrücken do quite well. That you do not yet be the rising favorite number one, you should accept, and that it is actually a good performance that we are up there. That would just have to go in all the heads. “

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