What findings Matarazzo has moved from the past weeks

Three are out, up to three are back. While Daniel Didavi, Tanguy Coulibaly and Enzo Millot can not take place after positive Corona tests in the squad, the head coach may look forward to the return of Waldemar Anton and hope for the return of Sasa Kalajdzic and possibly Omar Marmoush. “Waldi is full of fit, trains energetic and is ready,” says Matarazzo, who is still uncertain at Marmoush. “Omar is also back in training. But the corona infection has already taken him a little bit. Let’s see how fit he feels, and whether it is efficient for 30 minutes or not.” The same applies to Kalajdzic. “SASA rises again after his calves problems today. I hope he completes a good graduation training.” It is still open, “whether he can go through or whether the calf reacts again. It took until the bruise has disappeared.”

How many strikers brings Matarazzo?

It should probably be enough for the squad. Whether for the starting formation will show itself only. “I hope he can be an option, if he can not start, Tiago Tomas, of course, set an exclamation point in Leverkusen to stand again.” The Portuguese, who scored two goals, even has more than that. This also knows Matarazzo, who must worry about how he integrates the 19-year-old in his plans. “There is the opportunity to play with two strikers, and the opportunity to bring him to the place and still play with a top.”

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Much of the Leverkusen-EC is allowed to calculate legitimate opportunities for a renewed use. Matarazzo has drawn clear conclusions from recent weeks. “I’ve learned a lot from the games: what has us well, where and how I would act differently,” said the head coach of the Swabian. “I will not do one or another mistake I did twice.” Errors he would rather call “findings” after a short reflection. One of the Leverkusen game is the topic “Character on the Game Day. Who accepts the fight. Likewise, it is also about binding. Who manages to build the right bond to the team to build up to his teammates, a unit, a group that together The tasks want to solve “.

Karazor and Stenzel as a pattern examples

Here, the 44-year-old Atadan Karazor or Pascal Stenzel calls pattern examples. Two, which did not always belong to the chosen, but always to be there and are when they are needed through their smeary deployment and their professionalism and others drive to performance. You need, such Matarazzo’s knowledge, “not eleven single player, no one who finds no bond to his secondary people. This is not synergetically enough to be powerful. It is a fact that we need people who can take the fight”.

Mentality beats talent

Mentality beats Talent is the message to all those who have not made and doing little from their possibilities so far. No matter what are the reasons. “There is one or the other player who can not withstand the pressure and the situation,” says Matarazzo without calling names, which are not difficult to guess. For example, Mateo Klimowicz, Roberto Massimo or Wahid Faghir, who promised much more than they have held so far. “If so, it’s not a big problem. Then it’s just like that, then these players have to wait a few weeks until they get their chance to show up again.”

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