Michael Köllner to Derby

“That’s really painful today,” gave a more consured Michael Köllner at “Magenta sport“. Previously, his lions had disappointed in the urban duel against Turkish cu Munich for almost 90 minutes – and earned 1: 2 lost. Disappointment, also of that Köllner said after the final whistle. “We are really disappointed,” says the coach. “We did not manage today to get control into the game. We did not manage to earn scorchances.”

From the kick-off away, sixty had been holding the Underdog Turkgy Capture, ideal, yes, almost jammed. Against the racy-defended urban neighbors, the TSV only fell slightly. Too often, the lions pulled the pace, too often a hopeless long ball in the direction of Marcel Bär was the last remedy. “We were simply technically too bad today,” Köllner analyzed soberly. “It’s really shitty that we lose the game today.”

Südwest-Derby | 3. Liga | MAGENTA SPORT

The suffering of Michael Köllner

So sober, the Oberpfälzer did not work during the game. Again and again was to see how the coach made of his coaching zone Tiger, gesticulated and with ball losses the hands in disbelief over his head – and ultimately had to console his team after the final whistle. For the first time, 1860 undertaken the rival Turkish cu in the league (previously a victory, two draws). The catching up hunting for two games already catching up the lion has gotten the next, understood damper.

The result? “So with the climb we do not have to deal with the right now, we have to look first that we get our game better in the place again,” the coach of the sixties who had been traded as an aspiration candidate before the season. “We do not need to deal with any dreams now.” The reality looks different anyway anyway: Rank nine and on Monday (19 o’clock) the home game against Halle.

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