BVB without Haaland against Rangers

Waiting for Erling Haaland continues at Borussia Dortmund. The Norwegian exceptional door will also be missing in the PlayOff first leg of the Europa League against Glasgow Rangers on Thursday (18.45 pm / RTL +) because of a muscle injury.

“It has not changed a lot. Gio Reyna will be there again, he had a stomach, Erling is not yet an issue, Marius Wolf either,” reported coach Marco Rose on Wednesday: “And Emre Can is blocked.”

Rose has also heard the call from the club guide after the title in the “Trost Cup”. “We always have pressure and ambitions,” he said, “It’s about becoming more constant. Then we have a good team and are able to get very, very far. But that’s the prerequisite for everything.”

His striker Thorgan Hazard had deleted the coach from the squad for the league game last at Union Berlin (3: 0). “He has trained well since then, he has a lot of quality,” Rose said. The deletion was also a signal to the team, “always give everything in every workout every day:” We want to become sharper. “

The BVB-PK for reading in the live ticker:

+++ The PK is finished +++

This answers all questions, the BVB now ends the press conference.

+++ Rose over Reyna and Van Bronckhorst +++

“Nice that Reyna was named after Van Bronkhorst and that they are meeting now. I assume that Reyna is used. They are pleased to meet even privately. That’s a nice edge story.”

+++ Rose about the evaluation of the previous season +++

“We will discuss the internal. The ambitions in Dortmund are big and when we leave, the mood is bad because we set great goals. There is always great pressure on the boiler.” We want to move into the next round. “

+++ Rose via the load control +++

“No chance that we neglect the Bundesliga. If you leave loose, the back goes back and that would not be the right signal in any way. Stress control just looks so that the best eleven can stand in the square. I am pleased On Reyna, who should play an important role in Berlin. Hazard is also a topic again. Must see who is fit and dimensional. “

+++ Rose over the opponent +++

“We only have pictures and the Scottish league can not be compared to the Bundesliga, but in the Europa League they cracked Lyon. The first leg against Celtic gained them. If you play them, play outstanding football. Giovanni van Bronckhorst play a clear Idea and the team deserves in the intermediate round. They have quality, but that does not surprise us. “

+++ Rose about the missing awayator rule +++

“You just have to shoot a gate than the opponent, so it’s a little easier. We introduce ourselves to the new rules, but that does not affect our preparation or is causing us headache.”

+++ Witsel about his unclear future +++

“I’m a special situation, but that’s not an issue for today. I focus on the games that are in front of us. It is important for me to finish the season well and then we will see.”

+++ Rose over the Rangers +++

“I believe that there is a team collectively strong. Kent is a very good, temporal player in 1-counter-1, on which we need to be careful. Morelos lasted gates, but there are other options. The Rangers are playful and physically good. They come across the wings as well as through the center. We have to solve all tasks and enforce our game. We want to broadcast dominance and take control of the center. In the center they play very man-oriented. Since we have to find solutions. “

+++ Rose via Hazard +++

“He’s always a topic and a player with a high quality. He was not in the squad, because the others have trained better. That was a signal to the entire squad. Afterwards he trained well. Toto has no reproaches in his readiness make. He is always there and always ready. But we have to give everything every day and in every workout. This applies to every1. “

+++ Witsel about the defensive +++

“In the last game we were also defensively really good. But it’s not just about the defenders, in Berlin we had a good balance. We have to bring this morning and also in the playing place. As the coach said that We have to do offensively and defensively constantly in the place. “

+++ Rose about the title ambitions +++

“Printing and ambitions we have always at BVB. That’s Marco Rose, that’s football. We play against a strong opponent in the play-offs and have to do our job. We have to be more constant and fulfill our goals. We are able to do so to come very far. “

+++ Rose over the staff +++

“It has not changed so much. Gio Reyna will think I’ll be there again. Erling Haaland is not yet an issue and that also applies to Marius Wolf, but with him we still have to wait for the final training. Emre Can is still locked. ” ## +++ The PK starts +++ Axel Witsel and Marco Rose have taken place.

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