Werder Bremen: Rapp explains a drawback

After 40 Years in the Bundesliga - Goodbye SV Werder Bremen
Success is at Werder Bremen currently nothing special. The Bundesliga relegation currently not only provides a record-breaking striker with Marvin Ducksch, which hit Hansa Rostock 2: 1 against Hansa Rostock in the seventh game in a row. No, the team of the Weser has also won all these lots. Each single under coach Ole Werner.

Against Ingolstadt could follow the eighth success at the weekend. It would be setting a start record for a Bremen coach. The only one who celebrated eight victories at Bremen at the beginning of his coaching dasine at Bremen was the Great Otto Rehhagel.

There is a lack of danger from the game

In order for this to work, the table size of the 2nd league but also from the game exploits more danger. “Lastly, we have a heavy,” Midfielder said Rapp on a media conversation on Wednesday. The man who could start by the yellow lock by Leonardo asking courses, he also said that mistakes in the coming games will not be allowed to be. “That’s why we talk much about the things we can improve.” Rapp also thinks that he “last well the team, when I came in.”

Whether from the beginning or as a joker, the 25-year-old wants to help the team always. Against the FCI, which was “last good on it and not to be underestimated,” Bremen must generally behave on Saturday (from 13.30, live! At Werder Bremen) and show the usual performance. The Schanzer are a serious as a nervous opponent despite 16th place. So if the important attributes are retrieved, “we will hold the points”. As a hunting instead of hunters, little does not change how coach Werner realized on Monday.

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