Friedrich wants historic Bob Double

“We are guilty of our teammates that we give everything we have, what we have,” said the three-time Olympic champion on Wednesday with a view of his crew in the big sledge. As the first pilot of the world, Friedrich could create two Olympic Double. “We can go in relatively loosely there. If the tension dropped with us, then we are always better in the foursome and can perform better.”

Friedrich wins with Kalickis Bob

Even the last nights were tremendous for the Olympic champion, after the short term had switched to the two-bob by European Champion Kim Kalicki and the sleds had to be rebuilt. Now Friedrich wants to return something of the borrowed women’s power to his teamkolleg.

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“That’s great that she is leaving that and simply says clearly no problem. She will get every tip of us you want. And maybe a few material stories, let’s see what we do there. We find a good one Solution, “said Friedrich – and supplemented:” In any case, she has the security that she can start with the men’s olympic christian sleigh in her race and does not have to worry. “

“Total over the individual destiny”

Germany’s head coach René Spies defended the decision after the historic triple success of the men. The women’s Teams Kalicki and Laura Nolte had missed the first two-bob training because of the borrowed Bobs. “The overall goal is above the individual fate. And accordingly, we always pull that through, in the end it is about making the best possible team result, everything is subordinated.”

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