FC Bayern concedes bankruptcy in the top game

The coronage plague ex-master FC Bayern Munich has had to plug in a setback in the Basketball Bundesliga.

The replacement tabled leaders undertook on Tuesday evening in the top game at the Chemnitz 99er with 58:77 (28:46) and conceded his fifth saisonied lay.

With now 30 points, the Saxons are only two points behind the dealers (32). Best Werfer The Chemnitz was Mindaugas Susinskas with 14 points.

The team of trainer Andrea Trinchieri was already after the first quarter against heavily playing chemnitz with nine points.

Also in the episode, the Munich against a well-assorted defensive of the households were heavy and did not come up in the second half.

alba berlin beats the fraport skyliners

FRAPORT SKYLINERS - FC Bayern München | 5. Spieltag, 2021/2022 | MAGENTA SPORT
Alba Berlin, however, defeated the Fraport Skyliners and climbed four in the table fourth. The master sat down at the Hesse with 72:56 (42:31) and lies with two games less four points behind the dealers.

A surprising defeat conceded ratiopharm ulm. The Ulm defeated the BB Löwen Braunschweig with 59:78 (33:43).

On Wednesday, the secondary Telekom Baskets Bonn with a victory at the bottom of the table s.Oliver Würzburg can be equipped punctually with the dealers.

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