0: 4 against Slovakia: Deb

After his early in the opening game against Canada, Defender Marco Nowak was for the first time again in the German bid – in a row with Jonas Müller. Konrad Abelshauser and Dominik Bittner formed the fourth defensive formation. In addition, compared to the 2: 3 against the USA David Wolf his Mannheim teammate Lean Bergmann besides Nico Krämmer and Tom Kühnhackl. As expected, Mathias Niederberger returned to the starter position.

Jonas Müller and Niederberger in the bad luck

As in the games against Canada and the USA, the Söderholm protégés were difficult to reach opportunities in the offensive. For the slobless slovak, Peter Zyuzin (5.) had the first clear attempt to defeat the Niederberger. It was the cramp, which narrowly straightened in one-counter-one with Keeper Patrick Rybar in still slight distress (9th).

In the 12th minute, the DEB team was in a very unfortunate way in arrears: a shot of the blue line, actually thought as a pass, bounced on the skate of Jonas Müller and screamed against the movement of Niederberger, who still to the puck Stockfriend got, finally over the goal line. In the further course, the German team – as well as against Canada and the USA over long stretches, was very difficult to get clear opportunities at all.

Preliminary decision: instead of PowerPlay two goals

Almost a little characteristic of the German game throughout the tournament in Beijing then the emergence of the 2: 0 for the Slovaks: the DEB team got a first PowerPlay awarded a first PowerPlay. But only 16 seconds later, the previously fouled Matthias Plachta deflected the slice in his own third and had to be the ice even because of legs of the ice. In the subsequent four-to-four-four, Slovakia did not tackle long and hit a successful turn from Peter Clararik (28th).

And it came worse shortly thereafter. Because with the expiration of Plachta’s penalty, Michal Kristof succeeded even 3-0 (29.) Only 101 seconds had passed after the second goal. The will of the German team, which also mostly departed on the smaller NHL ice area in Beijing, seemed largely broken after the three goals. Some of the Slovaks also laced the German team in his own playing third with playful equivalent.

Wolf with a shameful finish

The shooting ratio already deep in the third third spoke volumes. While Germany had just exceeded the ten, the Slovak already had almost 30 in the account. In the past 15 minutes, the DEB team reinforced the efforts, but whether in the PowerPlay or at five-counter-five – the last breakthrough remained. Rather, it was Niederberger, who strongly thwartedly thwarted the clearest opportunities of the Slovak.

Wolf continued to the weak DEB appearance – after Marek Hrivik had made the final score (58.) – with two fum slopes on the head of opponent Hudacek still the crown. The Mannheimer was concluded a game duration of play.

“Bitter and Disappointing”: Spirit of Pyeongchang or World Cup 2021 missing

The bottom line was a very disappointing German tournament in Beijing. “We understood,” said it still after the US game and before the game against the Slovaks. But the achievements of the German team were also involved in the only game of the K.-O.-Phase not close to their own expectation, the profit of another medal.

Never, the DEB team in China found the spirit of Olympia 2018 or even past World Cup tournaments as only 2021, when in Riga the semi-final had been successful. Also, surprising nominations Söderholms, like that of Wolf or Daniel Pietta, sat in the last two games only on the grandstand, anything but paid.

“It’s currently bitter and disappointing. We worked hard to get here and everyone has had big standards, of course, that’s a low point for us now,” said striker Patrick Hager after the game. “I think we have no access to the game today – neither offensive nor defensive,” known the Munich.

Statistics for the game

Slovakia – Germany 4: 0 (1: 0, 2: 0, 1: 0)


Sweden vs Slovakia 4:1 - 2 goal from Juraj Slafkovsky (Olympic games Beijing 2022)

Rybar (Konrad) – Cajkovsky, Ceresnak; Marincin, Rosandic; Knazko, Gernat; Nemec – Cleatarik, Hrivik, Takac; Hudacek, Pospisil, Jurco; Kelemen, Kristof, Zyuzin; Slafkovsky, Roman, Regenda; Dano.


Niederberger (Brückmann) – Wagner, Holzer; J. Müller, Nowak; M. Müller, Brandt; Abelshauser, Bittner – Rieder, Kahun, Plachta; Nobels, Loibl, Pfäderl; Ehlliz, Hager, Tiffels; Wolf, cramp, carnid hackl.

Goals: 1: 0 (11:05) Hudacek (Pospisil, Gernat), 2: 0 (27:01) Cleatarik (Gernat, Hrivik), 3: 0 (28:45) Kristof (Knazko, Ceresnak), 4: 0 (57:56) Hrivik (Clararik, Takac) en.

Peefs: Slovakia 6 – Germany 8 + 5 + Game Time (Wolf). Referee: Tobias Björk, Mikael Nord (both Sweden). Viewers: 926.

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