Voices for Bayern and Co.: Result for BVB

The 22nd match day of the Football Bundesliga stood in the sign of the defeat of Bayern at VfL Bochum. With 4: 2, the Westphalia shot the Munich from the domestic Ruhrstadion. No wonder so that FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann was not in a good mood after the game. It looked very different a day later at Marco Rose von Borussia Dortmund after 3-0 at Union Berlin. Even if the BVB coach admitted that the result was a little too high.

The voices for the games of the 22nd Bundesliga game day:

TSG Hoffenheim – Arminia Bielefeld 2: 0

Sebastian Hoeneß (Trainer TSG Hoffenheim): “It was not self-evident to act like this. The victory was totally earned. We had the favorite status because Bielefeld stands in the table a bit further below, but at the same time the longest in the league was unbeaten. If you consider that, we showed a really good game. “

Benjamin Hübner (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) … to the game: “I’m mega happy. If we play the counter better, the result would be even higher. But we are satisfied. We were satisfied. In the last games we could Our superiority does not overrun in points. “

… to his goal: “The ball is clarified and then a great cross from David (room, Note d. Red.), I’ll put myself in the middle and I’m Mega happy now.”

… for his contract renewal: “First of all, I have focused on being fit again. Then the other things come as they have to come, now I want to refuel now that I also go over a full 90 minutes still one or the other gate can do. “

David Room (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) … to the game: “The last weeks we have always brought good performance, but just not rewarded us. Today it has finally worked again. It was mainly important That the zero was finally back. At the front we could have used one or the other chance. We were also over long distances that clearly better team. “

… to the decoded episode about him: “Of course, I’ve already looked at it. I knew about it, what comes, because I also appreciate a bit as a first player. In the end, something nice has come out.”

… for opportunities: “Ultimately we won, that’s why we should not be too strict. If we had won 7-0, we would have just got three points, we will work in the coming week, more consistent to become the gate. Now we can be glad that we have won. “

Frank Kramer (coach Arminia Bielefeld) … to the game: “We were not compact and toxic enough. If you do not have the right timing against such an opponent with this quality, you walk as a loser from the game. “

… for missing offensive breakdown: “We have brought some balls into the last third, but then played dirty. Since we almost delivered the ball to the ball.”

… to the gameplay: “We came out of the half and wanted to make it better, have also adapted a few things. We then had a good switching situation, but then you can not defend so then. We have already defended the first goal, With the second goal, it is not that much different. So you can not let your goalkeeper down. “

… to develop Janni Serra (before the game): “He is a young player who came out of the second league. He had to adapt a bit to the Bundesliga intensity. He has gotten better and becomes increasingly better Now rewarded. “

Janni Serra (Arminia Bielefeld) … to the game: “It was just bad. We have allowed a lot to be brutally very much, we were safe. We would have taken much more patience. Hoffenheim has taken us the ball partly and we have did not do anything about it. It did not tune much. “

… to the semi-period language: “We then wanted to close the paths anymore, but we just did not manage. Voigt is partly 50, 60 meters went with the ball and then they had an overburded situation at the front.”

Florian Krüger (Arminia Bielefeld) … to the game: “We were always a step too late from the first minute. We only run behind, Hoffenheim has won almost every second ball. This is reflected in the result We can be glad that we have not lost higher and did not break our good gate ratio. ”

… to the missing resistance to Hoffenheim, “We knew they will try to go out of the back. There are just so day, where simply nothing wants to do anything. In the end we defend it a bird game and just have luck and a good thing Goalkeeper. This is the only positive thing we should take today. It was just a biasing game. Tomorrow we look at that again, then we check it out. “

Union Berlin – Borussia Dortmund 0: 3

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin) … to the game: “If you look at the goal of two and three, that’s just not well defended enough. You lose 3: 0 and always ask for the game why. Three goals Dortmund was not better, today the penalty area has decided. My team has worked tirelessly until the end, but if you do not achieve a goal, then it will be difficult. “

… to the gameplay: “The first few minutes were good, then Dortmund was a little ball-proof. But we were not so consistent at the start. Then you also run situations afterwards. Dortmund was very much going on with three shots on the gate in the first half efficient.”

… to the problems in the game: “We had baller conversions, but then just got the balls again. It already has to do with Dortmund, but on the other side also with us. The first half was not good in the sum enough.”

… to deal with the defeat: “It was a defeat, you have to accept too. Of course we are not satisfied with it, but it continues.”

… to the many failures (in front of the game): “The squad is big enough. Of course, it is not nice if you are missing players. But we have 20 players in the squad, it is important to give trust in the squad stand.”

… to Max Kruses statements about his relationship to Urs Fischer (in front of the game): “The relationship was not burdened. That it is not free of charge… I mean, the first Bundesliga is not a petting zoo. It went above all The minutes and his outskirts. But I do not have the mission to fulfill wishes. For me it always has to look at the whole thing. “

Dirk Zingler (President Union Berin) … to the play-off proposal of DFL-Chefin Donata Hops (before the game): “I am against it because we do not have to repair anything, which is not broken. I understand The discussion just not, we have a great league with 34 game days. Every match day is exciting. When we play play-offs at the end, we devise the previous game days. I do not think of it. “

… to the suggestion of the Salary Cap (before the game): “The whole thing is not national, a salary cap is only over Europe. We have an exciting league, yet I agree that we should try to create better starting positions. But that should not only be money. In the end, everyone should try to work better. There are some who do little with a lot of money and do others with little money a lot, I liked yesterday’s game day, because I have no Bayern dominance seen.”

… to Max Kruses statements about a lack of perspective at Union Berlin (before the game): “We all knew all at the beginning of the transfer period that Max is in summer. There were only three possibilities. Either he went in winter or in February or March to America. Only the last one, two days, because it was so scarce. In terms of content, we did not surprise us. Wolfsburg has made an offer, we have accepted it and Max has decided. All parties are happy with it “

… to the coloted transfer fee of five million euros (before the game): “We were very satisfied with the change, this also includes the transfer sum.” That made us satisfied. “

Christopher Trimmel (Captain Union Berlin) … to the game: “You can also lose against such a strong Dortmund team. We won the last two home games against them, so everything is well. 3: 0 is clear ‘They made it well. Marco Reus’ statistics is already neat, against this quality it is difficult to defend everything. We still tried to make pressure. In the end, it was not enough. “

… to the missing goals in the last games: “Against such a top team, it is important that we have scorchances. That was absolutely there. We have trained at the end of the gate in the last week, so it’s just like that a little bit.”

… to the second defeat in a row: “That’s one of them, we are fine there in the table. Our goal remains the league and we will create that too.”

Sven Michel (Union Berlin) … to the game: “Sure, we have painted a bit different. Nonetheless, we played against Borussia Dortmund and delivered a good fight. That it did not go to goals or scores, I’m sorry for the fans, but we continue. ”

… to the gameplay: “We wanted to act brave, we also have that. At the goals, we do not look so happy, but have continued to go out. We have played out good scoring chances, now we have to file it that we also have to file it Clean. “

… to succeed Max Kruse: “We are so individual players, I have to come in any footsteps. I play my game, what I also played Paderborn and hope to help Berlin with it. Grab the wheels Not really in each other, but that’s normal too. I feel pudel well here and now it’s the fine-touch. “

… to the next game in Bielefeld: “We have to continue on what we have shown today. The use and will were there, now we must try to get the round in the square.”

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund): “It was expecting heavy game. The first half was very neat, after a difficult first ten minutes we left the ball neatly. After the break it was clear that the Unioner was more Investing, they never give up. We have nevertheless very passionate, disciplined and adult. In the sum, it was a deserved victory, even if the result is a bit too high. “

… to Marco Reus and his position: “Marco is more of a central player. From there he can serve his teammates and can become a goal-threatening themselves. He made a very good game.”

… to the Europa League: “For us it is about winning games. We have already received some neck strokes this season, now we do not want to collect the next. Today we have played to zero, we can build up. In The second half we had too many simple ball losses. Accordingly, we look forward to winning and on Thursday. We hope for tailwind and have a home game in front of a few spectators. “

… to the Super Bowl: “I would like to go, but it’s not my half to look.”

… to the defeat of Bayern (before the game): “This is not our topic. We have to focus on us and work that we become more constant.”

Marco Reus (Captain Borussia Dortmund) … to the game: “We are doing very well, we had a very troubled week, but we wanted to look positively forward. We played very seriously in the first half, so As we have introduced that. In the second half we have largely defended what we did not want to fundamentally. It was clear that Union will come again and wants the goal. “

… to his double pack: “At 1: 0 I had a lot of luck. The ball then stays with us and then comes again. I have seen that I have no more in front of me. This happiness has us in the last Weeks missed. “

… to respond to the team after 2: 5 against Leverkusen: “We always try to implement the announcements of the trainer. Last week it was very, very bad, and we had to show a reaction. Here it is very difficult, Union is one Good team and is not in vain up there. We absolutely wanted to take the struggle what we did not do here in recent years. Then we had gambling happiness, so it was easier for us. “

… to make the team: “Our strength is when we come in the flow and playfully set accents. We did not have a head problem in the last few weeks and then it will not be a head problem because the lightness is not there You get in training, but most of them count in the game. Today it was a good game in the first half, we can build. “

… to view the table: “We already said it last week that we focus on us and that when we play so inconsistently, we can not deal with at the front. That it is our goal in the long term, we already have a thousand times Said, we do not have to repeat that. “

… the destination in the Europa League: “It is a new competition for us, many of us have not played yet. There is a trophy to win, but now the Rangers come. We will accept it like everyone Game. Now it is time to enjoy the victory and to release the frustration of the last week. “

… for defensive performance: “For some (in the media, note d. Red.) It has not yet arrived that all eleven players belong to the defensive. We are pleased that we have played zero, that gives us hopefully A little stability. ”

Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund) … to the game: “We were serious in the square from the beginning. We knew what to expect us, we have already lost here twice. We have accepted it and the ball again When it was necessary. You’re not just fucking out of the back, you have to grab to such a means. Then we have dressed in everything and are individually so strong that we shoot goals. “

… to respond to the team to the 2: 5 against Leverkusen: “We did not necessarily have many players against Leverkusen in the square, which are interested in counterattacks. Against the most challenging team of the league paired with too many individual mistakes have us that driven completely to ruin. We would have to hear better on the coach. He has today with a double six for more stability, because then not so huge spaces were there for ball losses. If we are honest, you can with two or three Do not survive players in hedging. “

… for formation with Marco Reus on the 10er position: “Without that that should be some criticism, but Marcos are the greatest strengths in and around the penalty area. The 10 is its parade position, the more central and closer he is in front of the gate, The better it is for us. He also has special moments in the counterpressing, then he can help us fantastic like today. It stands and falls with the players who stand on the square. “

… to view the table: “I’m glad we could make the distance in place five huge. To be able to measure yourself with a team like Bayern, we have to bring more in the place. We always have to be concentrated and we always have to focus on be serious and take even more the fights on the place. Then you may then dream at some point, but I do not currently see that. “

… to Super Bowl: “I look very much and have really fun. I’ll watch the first half, depending on how I can fall asleep after the game. I will probably watch the whole spectacle tomorrow in re-live. I am not an expert, I can only one thing: that’s football. I’m already Joe-Burrow fan, but if I would have to bet, I would go to the Rams. “

Bayer Leverkusen – VfB Stuttgart 4: 2

Florian Wirtz (scorer Bayer 04 Leverkusen) … to Leverkusen form: “We play good football this year. Whether we play the most beautiful football, I do not know. We only look at us and continue to give gas Take a lot of fun and we want to continue. “

… to the question of why it looks so easy with him: “I can not explain why it looks so easy from the outside. I do in every action what my instinct says me. At the last goal I was already in my Ball assume that I will play for Patrik Schick, so that he can shoot a goal again. Why that looks easy at the end, I do not know. I simply play football. “

… to his hitch: “When I shoot, the opponent blocks him probably. I saw that he has his legs and then I shot down there.”

… to question whether he wants to be at the World Cup: “It’s my goal to be there. Whether the coach wants to get me with me, he must decide, but I would like it.”

… to the question of how he deals with all the praise: “Of course, I hear people like Lothar Matthäus talk about me. I’m glad, but I do not put the greatest value on it. I aperture the outer impressions to a high percentage and focus on my performance in the square. “

Robert Andrich (Bayer 04 Leverkusen) to Florian Wirtz: “He makes it very good and shows his performance week for a week, without talking a lot. He does not like it, if so much talks about him. He just makes his thing and he makes it very good in his young age. He’s very good, but we also have some other very good players. “

Lukas Hradecky (goalkeeper and captain Bayer 04 Leverkusen)…

… to the game: “The boys have once again brought the offensive quality in the place. Of course it annoys me that we make it so exciting, but basically it was a solid and important victory.”

… to the Leverkusen defensive: “With a victory you can smile a lot. I have the most parades of the league, but also many goals. We have to improve this statistic.”

… to the Leverkusen offensive: “It’s outstanding, that’s pure entertainment. I enjoy it totally to watch them. The main thing is that we have survived the worse phases. We shoot the goals at the right time, that helps to drive the victories. ”

… to question whether in Leverkusen now Konstanz stops: “It would be nice, but that’s not in life, we have to accept that, we also have to start with weaker performances to get the points. So you build constancy is always the big word here in Leverkusen. “

Gerardo Seoane (Trainer Bayer 04 Leverkusen) … to develop his team: “The biggest difficulty in football is to show the Konstanz, which shows over a short period of time, over a whole season. We have in Take a very good development this year and we have shown very good performance. It was a difficult task with a few rooms, but still we managed to shoot four goals. “

… for the reaction to the Stuttgart compensation: “There were some experiences in the preliminary round that were less positive. We have given three times a two-door leadership out of hand. These experiences characterize a team. We have the team different solutions predefined. We just want to defend a compact defend or take the initiative again. There are ways to challenge one or the other player in training mental. “

… to the many counterfeiters this season: “It’s like that, but still it is our philosophy to play forward. Point number one is to achieve as many goals as possible. The defensive behavior was an important topic in the winter break. We want to increase us defensively, but the DNA of the team is the way forward. “

… to Moussa Diaby and its discipline: “It was often frustration, because he is often fouled. He had the urge to put together disciplinaryness to the day, but he makes it much better in the second half. Yellow cards These include, for example, if you stop a counterattack. It is important that there are no unnecessary cards. “

… to potential playoffs in the Bundesliga: “That you think about it, with certain measures to get tension into the product Bundesliga, is clear. Normally I would say no to playoffs, as the championship is good, as it is, that you are But thinking about it is correct. “

Chris Leave (VfB Stuttgart) … to the game: “We make a tactically very good game for 70 minutes and are defensively very compact. In the first half we have our chances with the slatted goal and a chance of me, which I have to do. Then we do not race the residue afterwards. The last 20 minutes we do and want to shoot goals that one offers the opponent then more rooms, is normal in this situation. “

… to his chance: “I did not hit the ball properly, I have to shoot consistent and just put the thing.”

… to the current situation of the VfB: “We always pull out the positive and let us do not hang. We are aware of the situation, but we have to continue. We stay steadfast until the end. We still have many games and want to build on it. In the next game we make the gates and take the points. We continue to work hard to get results. “

Tiago Tomas (double torcher VFB Stuttgart) … to the game: “It was not all bad, there were quite good actions. Leverkusen is a top team with a very high quality. We will analyze what badly ran and will try to eliminate these mistakes. “

… to his performance: “The coach announced me this morning that I will start. I have given everything to help the team. Things are changing from game to game, it’s all about self-confidence. With Large self-confidence can show everything you have to do. Today I did the goals, the next game will be who shoot you differently. The most important thing is the team. I would like to exchange my gates for victory. “

… to the Stuttgart situation: “It’s not a simple task, we are young, but very competitive and have great ambitions. We will work hard to get results. We are not on the place we belong.”

Sven Mislinat (half director VfB Stuttgart) … to the game: “We have seen a very well-playing VfB today. We had a good approach and wanted to focus exactly on these strengths. We wanted to give them little room, deeper stand and use the switching moments. We had good possibilities and go relatively unhappy with a 0: 1 residue in the break. We did it well shortly before the end. Very bitter was the fast counterplay after the compensation. We had to give you spaces at some point offer and then the other hits have fallen. ”

… to the standard: “The statistics we are here in the midfield, but it feels worse, as we have already collected two standard hits against Frankfurt, today one and against Augsburg three standard hits. We defend many standards very well, but This situation is not. It does not help us, we have to stay in progress and defend these situations aggressively. “

… to the table situation: “The view of the table is not forbidden, on the contrary. Four points behind are four points behind. But it is also clear that we have the most players on board again. The performance and the setting of Today, one hundred percent voted. With Bochum now follows another opponent, even if they made a monster game against Bayern today. It now requires victories against opponents at eye level. “

Pellegrino Matarazzo (coach VFB Stuttgart) … to the game: “We take the performance with. We have defended compact and intensively. We had good counteraktions and opportunities we did not use. In the end, it is clear that we need to open up. Leverkusen has the quality to punish this, but we had to take the risk. We also take the performance, but also know that we have conceded goals that we want to stop. “

… to the standard resorts: “We trained many defensive corner balls this week and this is well defended today. Then today a gate falls through a side free kick, is of course bitter, but the free kick is also very well kicked There is no question of structure for me. “

Borussia Dortmund - Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2-5 | Highlights | Matchday 21 – Bundesliga 2021/22

… to each other in the team: “We wanted to put less emphasis on the shouting next to the square and let the shouting take place on the place. The boys have communicated well and acted together, that I liked it a lot.”

… to his employment relationship to Sven Mislinat (before the game): “Sven has his opinion and I have my opinion when it comes to the squad planning. In the end, I decide who stands in the square and he meets the decisions in the squad, We have clear roles and areas of responsibility. It remains constructive, productive and heated again, but in my view it works fine. “

VFL Bochum – FC Bayern 2: 4

Thomas Rice (Trainer VfL Bochum): “On one day, much fits. We wanted to take the Bayern the fun of football. We could have done the fifth gate. We are glad to collect another three points for our goal to have.”

Anthony Losilla (VfL Bochum): “ It was a horny game of us. We knew it was difficult against Bayern. We have fantastic together. It worked everything. Although Bayern has achieved an early gate, too We got well into the game. They were not so dangerous. We had good situations and suddenly everything worked out. We were in the two-fight well and have switched well. “

Cristian Gamboa (scorer VFL Bochum) to his hitch: “It was my first Bundesligator for us and that right against Bayern. That’s a dream. I am happy for my family and all the ones behind me. My wife And I expect a baby, it’s all great for us. “

Julian Nagelsmann (Coach FC Bayern): “We played very badly in the first half. We have had a plan that did not get well. I would have to act earlier. We have occurred relatively de-energized in the first half. In the end, it is also a deserved victory for Bochum. “

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern): “We have seen all the game over the whole game to show our worst seasonal performance and miss all the virtues. If that happens once in the season, that’s ok. But it happened to us more often. We have to take care. It has to do the way we approach the game. We are even 1: 0 in the lead and then get four goals within 20, 25 minutes. Everyone has to question whether everyone has given everything, That must not happen to us at the level, not in this clarity. The Bochum did not do that badly. We have to acknowledge that it was a deserved defeat. “

Eintracht Frankfurt – VfL Wolfsburg 0: 2

Oliver Glasner (Trainer Eintracht Frankfurt): “We made a really good game between the two criminal rooms. We have always put pressure on Wolfsburg. But where it counts, we were not good enough. We were not in the Location to beat our superiority in the penalty area capital. The triple chain of Wolfsburg was not overcome for us today. If you are worse in both criminal areas than the opponent, you lose a game. ”

Kevin Trapp (goalkeeper Eintracht Frankfurt) For a game: “Wolfsburg I do not think so, as you won. We have actually made a good game, but we did not create real scoring chances and collects two unnecessary goals.”

Florian Kohfeldt (coach VFL Wolfsburg): “It was a tough piece of work. We did not find in the game for 20 minutes. Then we got better into the game, until half time it was at eye level. From the Halftime out had the Eintracht more possession of possession, but we have defended very well in the last third. Mentality top, very well defended, with the ball expandable. “

Max Kruse (scorer VfL Wolfsburg) … to the penalty situation: “I get the ball, make my typical hook and he is completely in the way. Of course, he can not dissolve in air, I know that too. It is a 50: 50 situation. If he had known that it was in the penalty area, he would not have believe it directly, so he whistles and has to decide on penalties. Happiness for us. “

… to the Frankfurt invitation to a poker tournament: “I was invited to a poker event in Frankfurt, but unfortunately did not take place. That’s why I had time to come here.”

Ridle Baku (VFL Wolfsburg) to Max Kruse: “He is a funny guy and has a special footballery quality that you have seen in the square today. He gets out the penalty Clever and turns him too. His Quality brings us forward and he will help us out there. “

SPVGG Greuther Fürth – Hertha BSC 2: 1

Stefan Leitl (coach SPVGG Greuther Fürth): “I satisfied. The early gate has played us in the cards. We had to lead higher in the first half. We were very disciplined and had a high intensity on the Square, this is the basis for our game. The second half was very entertaining, there were many game options. We could have decided the game earlier. It was a deserved victory, even if we made it exciting at the end. “

Branimir Hrgota (double door scorer Spvgg Greuther Fürth) For the reasons for today’s victory: “We have to do it week as a week like this today and simply fight. It is also on our honor that we absolutely want to get points.”

Tayfun Korkut (Trainer Hertha BSC): “For us, the beginning was a deja-VU that we got back in arrears and restarts again early. We did not play a good and determined first half. In the second half it is Better became. The penalty hurt us. We had our possibilities. We are absolutely not satisfied because it was unnecessary. We have a lot going to miss in contrast to last week. “

Valdimir Darida (Hertha BSC) to the game: “It must not happen. We are down in it and have to play like a team that stands downstairs. Without a fight, we do not have to do it much more.”

Maximilian Mittelstädt (Hertha BSC) for the relegation battle: “We have already shown in the last season that we can have descent fighting. It is extremely shit that we are already putting in such a situation again. We got ourselves in ourselves again, But we have the quality to get out of this situation. I am firmly convinced that we can come out of this situation as a team. “

Borussia Mönchengladbach – FC Augsburg 3: 2

Adi Hütter (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): “We all fell a burden from the shoulder. Augsburg has partially asked us about problems. Nevertheless, we are the deserved winner. That was in our situation an absolute liberation strike Also seen that we are not stable enough. “

Jonas Hofmann (scorer Borussia Mönchengladbach) to the game: “We all fall a stone from the heart. We are very happy that the three points stay here.”

Patrick Herrmann (Borussia Mönchengladbach) to the game: that I have a birthday today is beautiful, but the only important thing is that we have brought three points. We have realized it well today and were good in the game. Also fighting we were in it and won earned. “

Markus Weinzierl (coach FC Augsburg): “It would have been possible. We had the chance to take the lead in the first half. We have defended our penalty area negligently. That’s the reason why we empty Hands drive home. “

Rafal Gikiewicz (goalkeeper FC Augsburg) to the game: “We lose together today, we all were not good from the first minute and have been spotted too little.”

André Hahn (FC Augsburg) to the game: “It would have been very important to go in the lead and that did not succeed us. We race a residue behind, taking us a lot for the second half and cash on a few seconds 2: 0. That’s extremely bitter for us. We come ran, but then collect the 3: 1. Then it is difficult to take something here. “

SC Freiburg – FSV Mainz 05 1: 1

Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg): “Mainz was good in the first half, we were not good, that was too little. We have played too slowly, have been dirty. The residue was deserved, even if the gate Of course, Irregular was. Such mistakes happen, Mr. Aytekin can not do anything. So we live with the point, but of course we are not satisfied with the first half. “

Nils Petersen (scorer Sc Freiburg) to his goal: “Such a score, of course, comes to me. I was a lot in the box and we had many standards. Höfler is one of the best on the first post I know. It is not the first goal he prepares. “

Bo Svensson (coach FSV Mainz 05): “We played a very good first half and little admitted. It was clear that Freiburg would come in the second half. We had a few chances on the second gate before The 1: 1 falls. It was definitely a step forward to the away services. “

Martin Schmidt (halfs director FSV Mainz 05) Zum Mainzer Hit: “When I saw it live, I thought it would have been checked out of hack. I have also asked me if it’s a new situation because the Ball jumps back from the goalkeeper. I believe we were lucky in this situation. “

Robin Hack (scorer FSV Mainz 05) To the question, why it did not matter to victory: “We must play clarified and in some situations cleverer. We have to play the counter better and play the balls cleaner Man Freiburg the feeling that they can not be done anymore. “

Deniz Aytekin (referee of the match Freiburg against Mainz) Zum Mainzer Tor: “We checked the situation on a hand game. The ball came down from above and our focus was on whether it was a hand game when accepting Ball is poured into the middle and the header is the scorer in the offside. The goalkeeper holds the ball and the player takes a new game situation, so it was offside and the gate could not have counted our focus on the Hand game, so this decision is slipped through. It is annoying, but the gate should not have counted. “

RB Leipzig – 1. FC Cologne 3: 1

Domenico Tedesco (Trainer RB Leipzig): “We have to shoot more goals in the first round. It is madness that we did not manage to beat more capital. In the second round we need it after the 3: 0 clever play. Of course, I’m overjoyed over the three points. Cologne tried it until the end again and again. So it was not easy. “

Steffen Baumgart (coach 1. FC Cologne): “With the result, we are not satisfied. With the performance I am satisfied. Not only did we resist, but also work in the game again and we are independent of earnings played front. That’s what I want to see. “

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