Olympian, Korea Land Trust and Metabus Space Platform Technology Cooperation MOU

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-soo] The Olympian Planet (Representative Kwon Jae-hyun) has signed a Memorial Service (MOU) for the ‘Metabus Space Platform Technology Cooperation’ in the Virtual Space of Korean Land (Representative Choi, Yoon Sung, Kim Jung Sun) and Olympien I announced.

On this day, the two companies agreed to conduct mutual cooperation in the Metabus Space Platform Technology Cooperation and Support Division. Through the capabilities and infrastructures held by each period, we introduce virtual housing exhibition hall to increase brand value, expand the metabus related business and secure future growth engines.

The Olympian Planet will cooperate and support metabus spatial platform technology that utilizes Elypce Studios, which is the self-technology of the Metropolitan Planet in the metabus related to Korea Land Trust.

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The Korean Land Trust is expected to provide a new experience for the virtual space to the customer by applying the virtual housing exhibition hall of the Olympian Planet and applying to the sale workplace.

Since its establishment in 1996, the Land Trust is a comprehensive real estate financial company that has been leading the domestic real estate trust industry based on the industry’s largest capital scale and industry since its establishment. We are actively diversifying business portfolios, including the “Future Strategy TF team” for entry into the future business such as the land trust, including the maintenance business (trust method), the Ritz business, including the Ritz business, such as the Metropolitan Business.

Vice President Anhu-Jun, the vice president of Anh, said, “In the metabus era, in the meta bus era due to Corona 19, the industrial sector is changing rapidly, such as construction and real estate. The Olympian Planet is aiming for more than 8,600 virtual space since 2015, leading to the metabus And it will establish a culture that provides a new customer experience through a unique metabus space technology know-how.

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