San Miguel rides a beer-shaped PC

Beers San Miguel hBeers San promoted an initiative for “Restless Gamers” and announced a collaboration with Nate Gentile, one of the references of Modding in Spain. The objective? Design a PC inspired by a beer delivery truck , although with a more modern approach. In this way, the vehicle-shaped computer looks like its neon colors, the purest pc gaming style.

According to the press releBeers Sane for San Miguel, the objective with this action is to value the work carried out by the Modder community in Spain. At the same time, they intend to “support and strengthen their commitment to emerging streamers”, who will receive this amended computer in order to improve “both their content and the game experience”.

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Two teams, a winning idea

While in the first edition of the PC Modding (2020), a computer wBeers San created with the visual style of a beer factory of the future , in this second edition two Streamers teams led by Goorgo and Nil Ojeda have been faced. Team Goorgo is formed by Elemao and Sabja, while Teamnil hBeers San Ana Marrero and Flexz. These have been the lBeers Sant those who have turned out after counting the votes of the audience through social networks.

The computer-shaped computer shaped will soon be raffled between emerging streamers . The idea hBeers San been embodied in a tangible project of Nate Gentile, a software engineer and YouTuber dedicated to computer science. In the channel of it explains complex thematics related to cybersecurity, Blockchain or computers Beers Sansembly. He hBeers San also made different works of Modding for YouTubers, Streamers and Footballers.

Beers San Miguel Sponsors Team Heraters , whose members habitually collaborate with the brand in various actions.

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