Picture: Union coach Fischer One reason for Max Kruses change

Striker Max Kruse has explained his surprising winter change to the VfL Wolfsburg with an apparently burdened relationship with Union Berlin’s trainer Urs Fischer.

“I had a very intense and horny time at Union, no question. But for me, the second year was not the same as the first. I was not so satisfied as in the first year,” said the 33-year-old in “ZDF” -surprising winterStudio for inquiries to his relationship with fishermen. “That does not mean that the ratio was completely broken or bad. But I imagined something else.”

For his 23 season missions for the 1st FC Union in three different competitions, he had been replaced 18 times in the final phase. “As a surprising wintery one, of course, you always want to play from the first to the last minute,” said the attacker. He had “some things not so understood as others understood”.

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On the penultimate day of the transfer period in January, Kruse was recovered for a transfer fee of around five million euros to the VfL Wolfsburg, for which he had already played in the 2015/16 season.

“The decision to leave the club (Union Berlin) in the summer, which was already fixed,” Kruse explained. “A major point why I’ve gotten a long time: I’d like to get the trophy with Union. Also, because I did not get a title yet. But I had to decide that I did.”

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