Xbox Canada shows its “Canadian Tuxedo” joystick

As a Canadian, I do not think anyone who thinks without irony than a Canadian tuxedo is cool. For those of you who do not know what it is, a Canadian tuxedo is what we call a denim trousers and a denim jacket. So, Xbox Canada has shown us an Xbox Series X lever covered with denim, but it’s not funny! Well, in fact, after reflection, I guess that’s the case. It looks super uncomfortable, but I guess it’s the nature of a Canadian tuxedo.

The photo shows embarrassment in Canada; An Xbox lever entirely covered with denim, with a blurred man who holds it, dressed in a real Canadian tuxedo. He has tiny belt passing on the front and small pockets on the handles. Xbox Canada says this controller is unique, which is logical because you will never find another person who would like 1. They also ask fans to what they think that a Canadian controller would look like and I could think of a ton of other ideas that would bury this denim controller. A Canadian flag controller comes to my mind. Perhaps a Tim Hortons controller, but I do not know how it would indicate that it is seriously underpaid. A hockey controller will also work.

I can't believe this thing is REAL! - Rare Xbox Tuxedo Controller
There are a ton of custom controllers, but do you think Xbox really will come out with a Canadian Xbox controller? In your opinion, what kind of design perfectly reflects Canada’s essence?

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