Victory over France: Iceland ensures fat surprise

Iceland’s Viktor Hallgrimsson grew beyond the French and let “Les Experts” desperately desperately despair. The goalkeeper resisted in this 9 out of 19 throws, thus shining with a bear-strong quota of 47 percent. Because the Northern Europeans worked offensively well, at halftime was a surprising 17:10 on the scoreboard.

Both teams had to replace Covid-due to important players, so lacked the French, both Kentin Mahé and Ludovic Fabregas as well as coach Guillaume Gille, but I was even more dramatic – with goalkeepers Björgvin Gustavsson, Aron Palmarsson, Bjarki Elisson, Arnar Arnarsson and Janus Smarason fell out a lot of experience. The Icelanders were only able to use 14 players, consequently against France also the force issue.

(k) a force issue for Iceland

The French tried again in their 100th European Championship game again and bleeding after restart to catch up. But Icelanders did not comply – and could expire offensive to the large individual class of Omar Ingi Magnusson. The Magdeburg triggered fortified situations again and again sent again and scored his tenth goal (!) In the game – ten of twelve attempts had found until now.

The French fell against the continued attentive cover of the Icelanders none – and if, then, Hallgrimsson was in the way. Not only that the defeat moved closer, she also seemed to be very clear. Iceland made it clever, played patient and managed the lead. Ten minutes before the end, the outsider still led to 25:18 and cheered at the end a 29:21 (17:10).

France – Iceland 21:29 (10:17)

France: Gerard, Pardin – Descat 5/3, Minne 5, Tournat 5, Lagarde 2, N. Karabatic 1, Y. Lenne 1, Mem 1, Monar 1, Briet, Grebille, Kounkoud, Nahi, Porte, Richardson
Iceland: Björgvinsson, Hallgrimsson – O. I. Magnusson 10/3, V. Kristjansson 9/1, Vidarsson 4, Asgeirsson 2, Gudjonsson 2, Einarsson 1, Ingason 1, Gislason, K. Ö. Kristjansson, M. O. Magnusson, V. Stefansson, Thorkelsson
Referee: Slave Nikolov (Nordmasedonia) / Gjorgji Nachevski (Nordmasedonia)
Spectators: 11394
Criminal minutes: 8/6
Disqualification: \ – / –

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