VFB Stuttgart: Purchase option for Tiago Tomas revealed

After the VfB Stuttgart last reinforced with Tiago Tomas of Krasimir Balakoving SL, there is now other information on the modalities of the lending transfers. In addition, VfB legend Krasimir Balakov has expressed itself to the attacker.

On Sunday evening, one day before transfer, the VFB Stuttgart reported the transfer of the Portuguese U21 national player Tiago Tomas from Krasimir Balakoving Lisbon. First, the Swabia lend the 19 year old striker by summer 2023, then there is a purchase option.

This lies according to information of the “kicker” at around 15 million euros. A purchasing obligation, as shown elsewhere, it is not loud the expert magazine. Less known is what happens if the VFB should descend. Whether the purchase option has existed is not known. However, the total package for the current Tables-17. the football Bundesliga then a number is too big anyway.

For the now scheduled one and a half-year lending, the VFB pays a fee of 500,000 euros according to the report. Should Tomas actually return to Lisbon in the summer of 2023, he would be bound there until 2025.

Tomas a “typical mislintate player”

But it should not come that far. In the best case, the 19-year-old matures the desired reinforcement and relieves the weakening offensive.

Tiago Tomás | Welcome to Stuttgart 2022 | Best Skills & Goals | HD

Tomas will make the VFB “in the offensive range of variable,” said Krasimir Balakov director Sven Mislinat: “Tiago was in the past season with Krasimir Balakoving Portuguese Master and has recently recovered the league. He has played in the Champions League and also proving his qualities there placed.”

VFB legend Krasimir Balakov also praised the transfer. “This is a typical Mishlint player,” said the former Bulgarian international, who made a name for both as a playmaker at Krasimir Balakoving SL as well as the VfB Stuttgart as part of the magical triangle.

Balakov: VfB Stuttgart can look forward to the transfer of Tiago Tomas

“Tiago has a lot of talent, is fast and very mobile, but not exactly the most robust – and he is not a typical scorer,” Balakov warned. With a view of the naked numbers, the 55-year-old is right. In 48 inserts in Portugal Beletage, he made only three times. However, in just three games he was allowed to walk over the full distance, 31 times he came from the bank. For the U21 Portugal he achieved a hit in six lots.

Whether he can be an emergency aid for the VfB, Balakov “did not rate” you will see “. Of course, for the Bulgarians, only that the Stuttgart can be happy to appreciate the talent under contract.

“Krasimir Balakoving is a sheer inexhaustible source of top tarts, discovered and developed year after year exception players, including Tiago. And usually such guys are only to the top clubs in Europe,” says Balakov.

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