Lost ARK makes history in its launch: The best premiere of Steams story?

The premiere of Lost Ark was passed through water after the game servers failed at the key moment. However, the initial problems did not pass too much invoice to the MMORPG distributed by Amazon Games in the West. During the hours of his debut he has become one of the best premieres of Steam’s story accumulating a peak of 984,000 simultaneous players . A record figure despite the fact that the definitive opening did not take place at the best of the schedules.

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Lost Ark is the best premiere of Steam’s story?

In its launch, Lost Ark became one of the five most played games in history on the Valve platform. A milestone that has allowed him to be one of the two best premieres that have taken place in Steam. There are two main sources to measure the number of players that show contradictory information: while Steam Charts places it as the best launch in history, according to Steam DB Cyberpunk 2077 would continue at the head of this list.

The historical ranking of more simultaneous players offers the following results. Keep in mind that pubg, cs: go and dota 2 did not reach their peaks during the launch.

Both sources are extraordinarily reliable and only differ in the fight between Lost Ark and Cyberpunk 2077 for being the best premiere of the platform. However, the title is more honorary than anything else: The MMORPG developed by Smilegate and distributed by Amazon Games has fulfilled its objectives loosely and put an end to a three-year wait for its launch in the West. However, they should not be reached: New World also appeared on top of the list and lost players at a chilling rhythm even being a game game. Right now, ‘The other’ Great MMO is neither among the most played.

It also triumphs among the spectators

As if that were not enough, Lost ARK also reached maximum twitch audience dimensions , having accumulated almost 1.3 million simultaneous viewers during the three days of anticipated access for the founders. A figure that could not be exceeded throughout the hours of launch. However, it was around the million spectators around 23:00, just a few hours before the premiere of the game in Steam.

Although the figure is ‘inflada‘ by the distribution of DROPS form rewards for viewers, the sensation is the same as with the number of players: I could have reached more in case the premiere had been made at the right time. However, they are still scandal figures for a newly released title that could well become one of the most important fashions for the next months .

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