Handball EM: Sweden follows Spain into the final

The first EM semi-final between Topfavorit Denmark and Spain had already had it. The defending champion ended in the end thanks to a dropped presentation with 29:25 by \ – and meets in its fourth EM final in a row on Sunday (18 o’clock, live! At World Champion) on Sweden.

The Vice World Champion prevailed on Friday night against record world champion France. The prerequisites could hardly have been worse: to the three new Corona cases in Sweden belonged to Flensburg’s left outside Hampus tub and Kiel’s right outside Niclas Ekberg two absolute power carriers. In France, on the other hand, the head coach Guillaume Gille returned by Corona returned by Corona.

With the tailwind from the surprising victory against Denmark, France went to his semi-finals, led to 5: 1 after five and a half minutes, which is why Sweden’s coach Glenn Solberg pure the brake in the form of a break. And the four-time European champion actually increased in all teams.

Sceptional for this was Keeper Andreas Palicka, until recently at the Rhein-Neckar Löwen under contract, which clearly decided the goalkeeper duel with Vincent Gerard (11 percent fang quota) in the first section (33 percent) – and three balls in the empty Gate of the French offered. Sweden, who had already proven his impressive comeback qualities against Norway, led to the break with 17:14.

tub representative convinced

In addition to playmaker Jim Gotfridsson trumped tub representative Lucas Pellas, with his fifth gate in the fifth attempt, the left outside of Montpellier on 19:14. The following phase was clearly “Les Experts”, which found a recipe for success again and again in Ludovic Fabregas. The circular runner from FC Barcelona shortened with his fourth goal at 18:20 (38.).

In the hot phase, Gottfridsson ripped from the SG Flensburg-Handewitt – later “Man of the Match” – the game as usual in itself, his seventh goal in the eighth attempt brought Sweden the interim 27:24 (47.). Because the Vice World Champion held the lead relatively constant, France gradually ran the time of it. Three and a half minutes before the end “Les EXTERTS” shortened at 31:32, a heartbeat finish made itself.

France Vs Sweden Handball Women's World Championship Spain 2021

Captain Porte looks red

Even the Slovenian impartial Bojan Lah and David Sok still had a word of Mitzureden: Seconds after the connection, France’s Captain Valentin Porte saw a coated red card after a blow against Albin wagergren. Lagergren was sent in return for a facial goal for two minutes from the field.

However, Palicka took Fabregas 60 and four seconds before the end of two completely free throws away, which is why Sweden, who look forward to their first EM finale since 2018, won 34:33. FRANCE, last in 2014 in the final, stays on Sunday afternoon (15.30, live! At World Champion) “Only” the game around 3rd against Denmark.

France – Sweden 33:34 (14:17)

France: Gerard, Pardin – Descat 8/4, Minne 8, Fabregas 5, Nahi 3, MEM 2, Richardson 2/1, N. Karabatic 1, Kunkoud 1, Y. Lenne 1, Porte 1, Tournat 1
Sweden: Palicka 3, Johannesson, Thulin – Godfridsson 9, Pellas 7/4, Carlsbogard 5, Wallinius 4, Waregrards 3, Bergahl 1, Darj 1, Persson 1
Referee: Bojan Lah (Slovenia) / David Sok (Slovenia)
Viewers: 7306
Criminals: 8/8
Disqualification: Porte (56.) / –

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