Genshin Impact: How to get FREE protogemas and other awards with the web event The Kitsune Paseo by Hanamizaka

Version 2.5 of Genshin Impact is practically around the corner, as it will premiere next week. Mihoyo already anticipated that this update would leave us with a few new events , among other news, and the truth is that they have not been waiting too much, because we have one of them available.

It is about Web Event The Kitsune Paseo by Hanamizaka , so in the following guide we are going to tell you how to participate in it and the rewards you can get to get.

Date and schedules of the Web event The ride of the kitsune by Hanamizaka

On this occasion the requirement to access the web event is very simple. It will only be necessary that you have reached the Adventure Range 10 , at least. In the event that you have achieved it, you will have time until 23: 59h (UTC +8) next February 15 to choose to take you all the rewards it offers.

How to get free the rewards of the Web event The Kitsune Paseo by Hanamizaka

The first thing you must take into account is that to participate in the web event the Kitsune Paseo by Hanamizaka you have to access the next web page. Once you connect with your account, the objective will be complete different missions and help Yae Miko to collect information , something necessary if you want to get a few prizes.

During the duration of the event, several missions will appear and when you finish you will reach the rewards to the internal mail so that you are claiming them. Specifically, this will happen when collecting four data and you can do it up to four times .


When you help Yae Miko you will be greeted by delivering items as valuable as protogems, character ascension materials and much more , so take advantage of the whole weekend to take advantage of the event before it disappears.

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