Most Wanted: We look forward to these games in the first quarter of 2022 the most

The game year 2022 promises to be a lot more exciting than the past 12 months. Already January, February and March are packed with potential highlights. Which we are getting the most happy with us, you read here. Correspread us in the comments, which title you can barely expect you in the first quarter of 2022!

Suitable for the topic can be found here our release lists:

  • All new PS5 games 2022
  • All PS4 games that appear 2022
  • All Nintendo Switch Releases 2022
  • All upcoming games for Xbox Series X / S 2022

Linda is already mentally at Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West

In the last week I was able to play Horizon Forbidden West as part of a Europe-exclusive appointment and has been in bright looking forward to Lake. In particular, the picturesque Open World of the “Forbidden West”, the many new and powerful machines as well as the complex combat system have done it to me and since then no longer released.

Incidentally, you can read my exclusive preview to Horizon Forbidden West. I was able to play the title about three and a half hours on the PS5 and poured you with several impressions and information!

Hannes can hardly wait for the release of Kirby and the Forgotten country

With the time for extensive video game sessions, it is currently not far from me – the fresh offspring keeps the at home neatly on trot. All the more important that I share my valuable time well and there comes the “lightweight food” from Kirby and the Forgotten land straight. Kunterbunt, loose-light and humorous – the pillars of the Kirby brand are perfect for entertaining entertainment and the dispersion that I can just need.

Of course, the release is also the release on the Nintendo Switch, which is much more flexible in handheld mode than it’s my PS5 and my Series S current. And last but not least: Kirby and the Forgotten land looks great! Finally, a full 3D environment and a more complex game concept – I hope that the apparent similarities to Super Mario Odyssey can fulfill my hopes here.

Max is looking forward to Destiny 2: The Witchqueen

Destiny has made many steps in the right direction with the last Beyond Light extension, even because the story has been told in the past 4 Seasons so structured that I actually never lost the thread. That may not sound like a great achievement now, but it is for Destiny in my view.

The naming witch king is a cool antagonist and the new map is very good based on what we have already seen. Whether crafting and the new opponents with lighting capabilities fit well into the gameplay remains to be seen. Ultimately, as always, many little things are decided on the quality of the DLCS. After the last year I am relatively confident that bungie pushes the right buttons.

Dennis closes for Elden Ring in the apartment

There is a game like Gran Turismo 7, which I really enjoyed myself as a racing fan, very much, very pleased, for release even a week… and there are Obendrauf Elden Ring. But whom do I tell that, you know well not. Before each FROMSoft game, the remaining days are counted after announcement of the release date and only right after the extremely positive network test is no different with Elden Ring.

I will enclose myself in my apartment at the end of February and even after the (hopefully positive test) of every Fitzelchen fun out of the action-rpg sucking out many builds and on mystery searching the Lands Between regularly plowing all the wall. Sleep 27 still 27 times!

Eleen has with Pokémon legends: Arceus get your game already

I have the great luck that I do not have to wait for my Most Wanted Game of Spring, because that’s with Pokémon legends: Arceus fresh came out. Although I was skeptical like many other fans – not least because of the empty game world and muddy textures – the game fun, but this has quickly put into the shadows.

Where I was rather reserved at sword and shield, because it was just too much the same as older Pokémon titles, I get at Legenden: Arceus now finally the so long overdue innovations: a sprawling game world for exploring, challenging fighting and more Variety When catching Pokémon.Is I ride through the world or fly, I can barely imagine that it was different in Pokémon. It just feels like it.

The Elden Ring test to Pokémon legend Arceus can be found here.

Annika “flies” in Dying Light 2 over the roofs

In the sprint skillfully over the roofs pike and carry a few zombies incidentally?! This idea woke up the anticipation of the first part in me. Unfortunately, I have never managed to fight me with Kyle Crane through Harran, which is, among other things, in the indexing of the Federal Testing Office for Youth Hazardous Media.

Fortunately, it is different with Dying Light 2: Stay Human. The Zombie game appears – if not uncut – in German trade. And this time I do not miss it to feel like the overpowering parkour master par excellence. At the beginning, I will still have to eat up as a Aiden Caldwell, but I am looking forward to the flow feel that (hopefully) develops when I choose from “The City” and with my decisions her fate.

Tobi throws itself in Gran Turismo 7 behind Tax

14 NEW First Person Shooters of 2022 To Look Forward To

It is really amazing how quiet it is still around Gran Turismo 7. It is not all too much about the latest part of Sonys Edel racing game series except for a few trailers and information appetizers. And just more than a month before release! All the more powerful I will then clamp myself to the release behind virtual control, because on the classic GT formula, which is pursued again in the seventh part, I have really bock. Buy used cars, shoot up, win races – with the thought of me a real nostalguelle over me.

In addition, I am also super tantically excited, as GT7 can assert itself against the enormously grown in recent years and strengthened racing game competition, or whether despite the big name, the others can only go behind. Anyway, I am very happy about the new Gran Turismo and I hope that it is not postponed on the target straight.

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