Khedira to Kruse change: “Here nothing will collapse”

At the first unit without Kruse, Taiwo Awoniyi participated in the Africa Cup on Monday, which had participated in the Africa Cup and Union’s best scorer is (nine hits), for the first time this year on the team training in Köpenick part. In addition, striker Sven Michel looked past Monday afternoon with Union Manager Oliver Ruhnert by training his new teammates. The 31-year-old committed the Köpenicker after the departure from Kruse of second division Sc Paderborn. The transfer for Michel should move in the range of two million euros. Curious marginal note: Union no longer announces contractual terms with its employees. This completed the SCP, who reported that Michel signed at Union by 2024.

With the commitment of Michel, Union responds to the departure from Kruse. A one-to-one replacement is the native winner country, which Union wanted to get a year ago, but not. The Irishes may need to modify their play style in the future. “I can remember the game in Stuttgart (1: 1, d. Red.) Or against Freiburg (0: 0). Since Max has not played. Since we have shown quite attractive achievements,” says midfielder Rani Khedira on the one hand. On the other hand, “will the game perhaps change a little far, because Max was a shared spirit because he has played freely snout and that had special. But Sheraldo Becker also has something special with his speed to call an example,” says Khedira.

Khedira: “It’s brutal pity because Max is a different player”

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Union six was striving on Monday to spread confidence after the departure of Kruse. “The association has shown in recent years that he has a stable foundation. Therefore, nothing will collapse here,” Khedira said, “It’s brutal pity, because Max is a different player. As a type, he is scary a lot given, even in the square. He was a special type outside of the square, but such a personality stands well to face each team. But, as I said, we have a stable foundation. Now other players can show themselves A bit of far free swim, show even more and go into the responsibility. “

Van Dronggelen awarded to Mechelen – Prömel is missing in Augsburg

In addition to the departure of Kruse, the commitment of Michel and the return of Awoniyi on Monday, the Iron rates was even more. Center Defender Rick Van Drongelen was considered expected. The Dutch, who has not played a role in the FCU since his change last summer from Hamburg to Berlin, is given to the end of the season to the Belgian first division KV Mechelen. At least for the next time and the away game on Saturday at FC Augsburg (15.30, live! At Union), Grischa Prömel will be missing. The midfielder was tested positive for Covid-19.

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