1860 in front of Cologne: “Are the outsider certainly”

A corona outbreak had two matches in the Giesingers. While work-up to the origin of numerous infections has started (more about: Corona outbreak by Cup Game? 1860 Munich brings legal assistance), trained half of the team under the guidance of Sportschef Günther Gorenzel in the square, while head coach Michael Köllner and the rest Rest of the team in quarantine or domestic isolation.

Köllner After all, Friday was Frostest and was allowed to return to the training place thanks to a pendulum / labor compartment and maybe stay with other persons in closed rooms from Saturday, say: at the away game in Cologne at the sideline. The same applies to other non-infected, but players classified as contact persons. “So we can ride on Saturday after graduation training together in the bus to Cologne” but still a PCR test had never been carried out, so Köllner.

That’s certainly not optimal, but we will try everything to score in Cologne.

Michael Köllner

Pt 4 - European Coat of Arms / The

Some question marks before the game in the cathedral town are still facing, especially as it is not clear, to whom the head coach can set. “That’s certainly not optimal, but we’ll try everything to score in Cologne,” announces the Lion Coach on the Club website. “Because in addition to the injured Daniel Wine, Marius Willsch, Nathan Wicht and Kevin Goden also missing Fabian Greilinger (muscular problems) and Richard Neudecker (yellow-barrier), it could be” that we take some youth players, “says Köllner Sure is: “We are able to send a team to the square that can score.”

Given the circumstances, the native Oberpfälzer sees the roles clearly distributed. “We are certainly the outsider,” he says. “Ultimately, it’s about us as we approach the game. Our goal is to create a surprise.”

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