Norway brings first biathlon gold – DSV

The German biathlets were out of the race for the medals early in the mixed season. In extreme conditions, a turbulent first Olympic race develops, which decides mainly on the shooting range. It’s going bad for a German debutant.

A debacle while shooting has brought the German biathlon team at the start of the Olympic Winter Games early on all medal elevations. The Mixed Season came on Saturday in the ice-cold and windy Zhangjiakou over 4 x 6 kilometers only in five place. The Olympic Sailing secured in a turbulent race in extreme conditions Norway in front of France and the team from Russia. Norway Johannes Thingnes Boe decided a gripping final spurt for himself, Sweden was fourth.

Gold medal for Denise Herrmann (Germany) in Biathlon women's 15km

Voigt: “So I did not show myself”

The quartet of the German Ski Association with the unfortunate Olympic debutant Vanessa Voigt, Denise Herrmann, Benedikt Doll and Philipp Nawrath never came up with a total of 18 swarmers and two criminal trials near the podium places. There was no Olympic precious metal for a mixed German season in the third start. Four years ago, it had not been just too bronze.

At temperatures of minus twelve degrees in the late afternoon, boot runner Voigt got the difficult circumstances immediately, after lying shooting, despite three recoverers even in the penalty and fell into rank 17. “So I did not imagine my mind,” she said in the ARD. “Of luck you can not speak, it was not shooting what I was used to.”

The competition made it better in the beginning and came through without the additional round. Even when shooting, Voigt had problems, again the Thuringian person had to complete an extrare after four failures and only handed over as 15th to Denise Herrmann. There was the residue on the leading Norwegians already 2:18 minutes.

As the shorter women’s round has been run and did not catch up in the trail on the six-kilometer distance, shooting greater significance. Denise Herrmann was able to avoid a penalty and shorten the residue, while there are some favorites for each other. “I’m very promoted and realized it out of the back. In the final round, I also felt the height,” said Herrmann.

Herrmann starts catching up

Franziska Preuß, which would have been set as a starting runner under normal circumstances. The 27-year-old is not really fit after a weekling training break as a result of a corona infection and a foot injury. However, the total World Cup third of the preseason could be used in the next week in the single races.

Herrmann brought the German selection to the change to Doll at least ten in front, France took over the lead for four years after gold in Pyeongchang with the darkness of the darkness. Since the top teams shot in front, who last needed in the World Cup victorious doll, but lying two night loaders, the race for the DSV team had finally run. The Philipp Nawrath already proven as a final runner started from Rank ten in his first Olympic commitment and did a good five ranks well.

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