Mexican Break Record Guiness watching no way home 205 times

There is no doubt that _ spider-man: no way home _ is one of the best films not only mCU , but also from the character itself. But, would you be willing to go to the cinema just to see it more than 200 times? Well, that was what this Mexican fan did, and in the process, he ended up breaking a gract guiness.

Agustín Alanís, A Mexican young fanatic of the MCU , gave a lot to talk about in 2019 when he reached a new record for having seen Avengers: Infinity Ward 191 times. Well Alanis did it again this year but with no way home, going to the cinema 205 times to see the most recent adventure of the arachnid.

This means that Alanis invested 512 hours only at no way home, this without mentioning all the money he spent on tickets, transport, snacks and other expenses that lead to movies. At this point, surely all memory dialogues are already known.

Longest time gurning - Guinness World Records

Editor’s note: I liked no way home, but I would never be willing to go to the cinema 205 times for the same movie. Alanís certainly demonstrated a huge dedication, and it will be difficult for someone else to break the record of him, although I would not be surprised that it eventually happens.

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